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Google "Snow Leopard internet sharing" and you'll see the top searches Google suggests are "not working, greyed out, fails, problems, issues, etc." Some people have wasted days and even weeks trying unsuccessfully to get it to work, and have posted such on the Apple Support forums.
Maybe. But if they really want to impress me, how about fixing Internet Sharing, which has been broken in every version of Snow Leopard?
Didn't he start selling kits after Apple announced a delay in the white iPhone release? My guess is that these were white casings manufactured for Apple, but when Apple found problems in the design, the contractor was left holding the bag. Either they didn't destroy the parts as Apple ordered, or somebody sneaked them out. Another possibility is that it's the classic Chinese practice of making a few extra for yourself to sell when you're contracted to make the originals....
Like I wrote, only rich or dumb people would pay $300 at an Apple Store. Any person with more smarts than dollars would either buy less expensive headphones (nobody I know has or wants those, despite what you claim about "everyone" in NYC) or if they really want Beats, would buy them on Amazon for $180 refurbished.
I saw a white guy being asked to leave the 5th Avenue Apple Store. It was 3 a.m. and he was starting to fall asleep on one of the benches. The employees weren't rude or anything, just told him he had to leave if he wasn't doing business there. I've sat for a couple of hours working on my iPad there and they never bothered me, but then again I'm not black nor dressed in gangsta fashions. But this doesn't sound real to me. Nobody but either very dumb or very rich people...
Fine, not creepy. How about "stunningly hideous?"
Unlike, say, Americans, who are so "modern."http://articles.nydailynews.com/2008...dimytai-damour
I say Apple should settle with the guy for $50,000 or so. He obviously could use the money to cover the psychiatric care he obviously needs.
With their enormous amount of cash on hand, Apple should just buy Pixel Qi. I'm sure that little company can be had for a pittance, by Apple standards.
This "room" he's talking about makes me think he's watched Minority Report a few too many times.
New Posts  All Forums: