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Nobody's saying Dragon on iOS is all they do. But the Dragon specialty is speech recognition, plain and simple. Mention speech recognition for computers and everyone will think of Dragon. That's why Macspeech chose the Dragon engine a couple of years ago, because there is essentially no other choice. Regardless of what else Nuance does, when you mention Dragon for PCs, people immediately think of speech recognition. That's the brand, and if Dragon on any platform messes up...
I disagree. Dragon gets held to a higher standard than Apple because voice recognition is their specialty. It's all they do. Apple can mess up here and there, but Dragon doesn't dare be mediocre with their core business.
I'm inclined to agree. Sure, it would be great to hear that Japan's economy is recovering from the disaster. Something along the lines of "Toshiba factory is back to full capacity." What seems insensitive is to couch it in terms of, "Well, you won't have to worry about being able to buy an iPad." It's all about what's being emphasized. Is the focus on Japan, or is it on "us, us, us"?
Not only a minor brand, but one that has little to do with photography. Sad how these two American giants once defined the photography industry for the entire world but later became barely relevant. George Eastman and Edwin Land must be rolling over in their graves.
Quick, somebody dig up some stills from the Microsoft "funeral procession" and replace the giant iPhone with a Zune. Get to work, Photoshop mavens!
T-Mobile is starting to look like a one-trick pony. 4G, 4G, 4G. Hey, guys, how about telling us what you can do rather than what others can't? Especially since your big 4G claim to fame will be left in the dust when LTE is more widely deployed?
Are you sure? You seem to be ignoring the earlier section in the exact article you cite, which mentions the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem. Sure, some people will argue for oversampling, but to say sampling rate has nothing to do with frequency is to ignore or even contradict the theorem.Are you saying that such outdating will never affect downloadables? People were happy with Divx and Xvid ten years ago, but not many like them today because of their relatively low...
It's not just the D/A converters. The amps are underpowered and distortion-prone and then there's the piéce de resistance, the unbelievably lousy earbuds that ship with iPods/iPhones. Given all that, I just don't understand Apple's quest for "higher quality" files like the 256kbps files they already sell iTunes music as. Especially since most people can't hear the difference anyway.
I keep all my data in a separate partition with only bare essentials in my home folder. Yet my boot partition already exceeds 60GB. 16 is worthless.
They have to announce it. Investors are worried. They want to know what Nokia is doing to stop the bleeding. Nokia can't just smile and say, "Trust us." They have to give solid plans to reassure the investors.
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