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Don't feel quite so smug. Nokia is a Finnish company. Ballmer's pronunciation is much closer to the proper Finnish pronunciation than the way Americans pronounce it. Say "noh-KEE-uh" in Finland and they'll know you're an idiot. That even goes for Nokia's new CEO. In fact, English speakers mangle a good number of brand names, even in commercials. Braun is pronounced "brown" in German, not "brawn" as you hear in the ads.
I wouldn't mind getting GPS, but question the usefulness of it. If you're using GPS, chances are you're out of range of a wifi hotspot. Which means the Maps app won't work. You'd need to buy an app that has offline maps.I thought that once an iPad is set up, it's just a trivial matter of going to Settings and a couple of clicks to buy more data.
I know someone who bought a P67 motherboard because tools to install OS X are now available. I told him to wait and see what kind of support OS X will bring with the next refreshes, but he didn't want to. He's almost regretting it now. That's what you get for being bleeding edge.
Please stop using that word. It comes off as at least mildly pretentious. If it served any useful purpose, that would be fine, but "forums" is not only correct, it's noted by virtually every English-language dictionary as the most widely accepted plural form.
How about an e-ink secondary display? It's not like you'd need it to update very often or display very detailed information. It would take no power at all except when it's updated. And it wouldn't be as obtrusive as a backlit display.
One thing I've always wondered. Why does the Android logo look like a robot? Androids are supposed to look like humans, not robots, George Lucas's droids notwithstanding.
I think pretty much all iPhone apps do. Many support the Retina display, but I don't know of any that require it. Even with the apps that support Retina, Apple refuses to let iPads use that resolution, so we're stuck with the original 480x360.
I promised myself I wasn't going to upgrade my iPad for a couple of years. It looked like that was going to easy when the rumors said cameras and bigger speaker. Now they're saying dual core CPU, improved GPU and double resolution display. Sure, make me a liar!
Where do you get this idea? I don't see MPEG LA breaking down the doors at Videolan, Handbrake, MPlayer, ffmpeg, Movist, etc.Wrong again. Most of us like H.264 because it's widely used, has a range of encoders and players, gives high quality at decent bitrates and has hardware acceleration not only on some portable devices like the iPhone and iPad, but also on many modern video cards.Offhand, I'd say your user name is right on target.
You are misreading the sentence. It refers to a computer bought by a consumer from an OEM. Apple is an OEM.
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