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What you're saying already ends all uncertainty. When the patents in a portfolio expire, that's it. Patents are not renewable. When any patent expires after a maximum of 20 years, it becomes public domain - no ifs, ands or buts about it. At that point, anybody can use it and there would be no legal way for MPEG LA to demand licensing fees. There's no need to define anything after the 20 year term.
Or with any iPhone and even most other phones, you can plug in one of the variety of external backup batteries that cost $10-20 and keep talking for a couple of hours. Rechargeable ones as well as ones that use disposable AA or AAA batteries are available. Assuming you're not near an outlet and can't plug in a charger.
No need to get into an iPhone vs. Android pissing match. It's not about what kind of data is being transferred. All he was saying is that there are plenty of high-bandwidth users (which happen to run Android) already on Verizon, and they haven't driven the network to the brink yet, so an influx of iPhone users is unlikely to.
Hmm. 1.1.11 error, maybe? Nah. It would have to be 01.01.11 to the device clock.
Would it be that easy to fix? I'm guessing it's hard to notice a zero-day bug like this without some way of advancing the clock and calendar to the affected day. So Apple wasn't aware of this until yesterday. I also have to wonder if there's any way of updating the built-in iOS apps without a full system update. I've never seen those apps appearing when I check for updates. I'd hate to in charge of Apple's servers if everybody downloaded a several hundred megabyte update...
In his zeal to troll, Solipcyst really doesn't seem to have noticed the irony of his complaint. When I'm reading with Zinio on the iPad, I turn pages with a small flick of my right thumb, in a motion that takes perhaps an inch. But he wants to complain about "large arm motions"? How about the motion it takes to flip a page in a physical book or magazine? If that isn't a large arm motion, I don't know what is.You seem to swing back and forth, choosing your points...
Here's a little tip. If you want to be condescending, make sure you know who you're talking to. Some of us "young whippersnappers" knew about such publications long before the "zines" movement in the 1980s. They were called fanzines decades before that and were usually printed with another "old fashioned device" you may not have heard of called a mimeograph. And I absolutely refused to pay for them because of their amateurishness. Early senility, "grampa"?
Every issue of Popular Science in my Zinio collection is smaller than 20MB. That's more than 50 issues to a gigabyte. With over 8TB of storage on my Hackintosh, I can spare a few gigabytes to keep issues for years. Your mileage may vary if all you have is a Macbook with 200GB. Even my 32GB iPad has plenty of space for a good selection of recent issues.I can flick (or did you really mean "flip") through Zinio issues easily. There's a hideable thumbnail gallery across the...
So you're just into the paper? If I enjoy a magazine, I don't want to just read it once then give it away. I want to have it for a while and be able to pull it out whenever I want to re-read it. That's where digital mags shine. I have a big load of Zinio magazines (some paid, some free samples) saved on my hard drive. They're always organized and they don't pile up on shelves. Each of them remembers what page I was reading last, without needing easy to lose bookmarks....
They already dropped them $100 before Christmas in the case of refurbished iPads. I doubt Apple was selling them at a loss.
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