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It astonishes me that a full decade into the 21st century, some people continue to embarrass themselves by flaunting ignorance instead of spending a few seconds first with this obscure little tool called "Google."You may want to talk to HTC about that. Something else that Google can teach you.
Haven't had a chance to download and update yet, but I sure hope it fixes one major bug with previous iBooks releases. Every stinking time I updated to a new version, it would re-order my bookshelf. Dammit, Apple, I got my books in the order I want them. Don't make me have to reorganize them again.
Lower. As in the iPhone 4's 960x640 vs. the iPad's 1024x768.
Another option: Apple could do the 7" with a lower resolution than the 10". Specifically the exact same resolution as the iPhone 4 Retina display. Then no changes to the SDK would be necessary.
SD slot, eh? Personally, I hope it's true. Only months ago, naysayers here were insisting that Apple should not commit itself to any single storage card standard and that the Camera Connection Kit was good enough for people who needed SD card access. As the owner of such a kit, I'd have to say that it's a real pain in the neck.
Why must we always suffer some kind of childish outburst like this? RIM never said this was going to kill the iPad. They're trying to stay relevant and grab a piece of the tablet pie. I can't say that I blame them. Heaven forbid that they try to survive rather than just lay down and die. It doesn't look like they'll succeed, but at least they're trying. Do try to act like an adult rather than expressing the first foolish reaction that comes to mind.
Maybe they should rename it Windows Immobile.
These are magazines. If they're anything like Zinio, their "digital" ads will look exactly the same as print ads, taking up whole pages at times.As for the iTunes account thing, I don't remember being forced to have an account to sync my iPad. Only when I finally decided to buy apps. At that point, you could do what I did. Go down to a store, buy an iTunes gift card, sign up for an iTunes account under a fake name and address. Voila! Apple has no info on me other than my...
Completely different. That keyboard is only about changing only the colors of the keys. Apple is talking about switching LED backlights so each key can display any of several labels.
Actually, I proposed something exactly like......when the Optimus was announced. The miniature displays on the Optimus would obviously cost a ton of money, so individual backlights for separate functions were the obvious solution, as cy_starkman wrote. Not as versatile, but a whole lot more affordable, and even customizable if the user can print up custom overlays to fit under the keycaps. I can't imagine how USPTO can approve this unless their examiners no longer...
New Posts  All Forums: