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Gamez, dude! If it can't do 1500fps with the latest FPS, then it sux!I think that's the usual justification anyway for demanding high-end graphics.
The point is there are no announced extras on the Matrix discs yet, so nobody can make assumptions as to what kind of advantage the HD DVD version may have. In fact, there's rampant speculation and accusations that Warner is holding back HD DVD releases until it can release the Blu-ray versions simultaneously. It that's true, that would wipe out the "oooh, the Matrix will come out for HD DVD first and give it a great advantage" argument.
If they're not exclusive, they won't have much impact. Besides, considering how badly Revolutions did in the theaters (half of what Reloaded did and even less gross than the original, despite being a few years later with higher box office prices), I don't think there's a huge groundswell of demand for the Matrix movies. Years to fix BD-J? I call bullshit. There isn't even any news on what "incredible extras" HDi will offer on the HD DVD version that the supposed lack of...
It's just like when last year when some wrote that Blu-ray discs would cost a lot more to produce, and consumers wouldn't stand for the price premium. Now that Blu-ray has undercut HD DVD disc prices, the same people say it shows HD DVD is better because people are willing to pay more for the same movie in that format. Talk about spin.I really hate to have to break it to you (again), but the Matrix films are not an HD DVD exclusive. Universal has already announced they...
I don't see that, at least with DVDs. I can buy Ritek DVD-Rs at about 25ยข per disc. That's $25 for 440GB. You can't buy a 400GB HD for $25.
The numbers aren't encouraging for HD DVD over at Amazon.com, according to eproductwars. Every time I've looked, Blu-ray was winning in almost every category listed. A week ago, the only category HD DVD won was in average disc price, but they lost that this week, too.
It was fresh from one of the major online Mac retailers. You're mistaken. The G4 did not come with 8x originally. Neither did first-generation G5s. See this page at Everymac. Also note that DVD burners often have differing read and write speeds.
Actually, Apple has used several manufacturers for Superdrives. My PowerMac G5, for instance, had an LG GWA-4082B. Interestingly, it was speced for 4x DVD burning yet later burned Taiyo Yuden discs at 8x. Can't imagine why, since I never updated the firmware.
Never having taken my iGesture pad apart (and not wanting to since it works flawlessly and I don't want to mess it up), I don't know how thick the actual working surface is. The iGesture is about 1/4 - 1/3" thick at the rim, not exactly superthin. Would I like it if Apple put it in? Hell, yeah! But I'm not holding my breath. Indeed, if they could put in the iGesture Numpad on the right side, it could give the dedicated cursor and numeric keypads many people have always...
It could be that Guartho is one of those people holding out for holographic storage or something like that, something with a claimed order of magnitude capacity improvement over optical discs. In that case, 20GB per disc would indeed be marginal."You had already proven that" is a completely valid sentence. Not that I would want to make judgements if I typed "we are MENT top be disscussing Blu-Ray and HD-DVD."
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