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 ha! Good point. I doubt after hearing, "I'm leaving you...you never listen!" a guy could pull out recordings of conversations and salvage the relationship.
  I thought the same thing and didn't like this commercial. This ad is very polarizing and seems to generate love/hate responses.
I'd change the word 'pathetic' to 'tragic.' Severe depression often robs the mind of metacognition. There are many psychological illnesses that prevent a certain awareness of what might seem obvious to an outsider. Anorexia Nervosa is one that comes to mind. Experts used to think therapy then intervention to get them to eat. Now they understand that it's the other way around. The low body weight literally changes their brain and thus the way they think.   It's common to...
Wait, so margins take a dip when new products are released with features that require Apple to rejigger manufacturing and then increase as millions of said new product are manufactured throughout the year while input costs decline?   Sounds like black magic.
Not a bad thing to have an awareness of these numbers. You can hire the best while encouraging diversity. Let's just not pretend that in doing so, there won't be a few people here and there that are hurt by this drive for diversity. There's a yin and a yang to it that sort of balances out.
So sad. I felt a palpable sadness yesterday, much more than hearing about other well known celebrities. I grew up imitating Mork and loved the poignancy of Dead Poets Society.   The silver lining is that Williams' passing will amplify discussions surrounding mental illnesses like Depression. So insidious and easy to hide. Secrecy and stigma will be further dissolved as they are exposed to the light of day.   RIP
I've heard many good things about those Harmony remotes. Standardization isn't a bad thing. I hate remotes with 67 same-shape-and-size buttons.   If you are going to have a remote or device with a lot of buttons, make them different so they can be made to make sense to a normal human brain. The DirecTV remote has a lot of buttons but I've found myself memorizing the layout and can do everything I need to do quickly and easily as I navigate menus and watch tv.   Think...
The ATV remote is a dichotomy. For pausing, slight scrubbing and playing movies, it's wonderful. I agree that a little more differentiation between the buttons would be nice but overall, it just gets out of the way. For text input, it stinks. A circular pad input like the old iPods nanos would be nice for scrolling and scrubbing but it would require more buttons. It probably could use some Siri functionality to make it pleasing to search and navigate.   I wouldn't have...
Can't wait to see the performance demos of the forthcoming A8. I hope the battery life gets a boost, as well as RAM. I can't wait to hold this in my hands. I really like my iPhone 5S in the leather case. It adds enough heft and grip that makes me feel good holding it. There is such a thing as too thin for being able to hold onto something securely. I have no idea what surprises Apple may have up their iSleeves but I think there might be one or two 'one more things.' I...
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