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Icahn is interested in himself, as most of us are. He has a large holding of Apple and wants to see it maximized, as shareholders often do. I don't see anything earth shattering about his statements.   Apple hasn't invited him to be on the board. And Carl isn't the only pressure on Apple to increase its buyback and dividend programs.   Right now, I like the guy. It may be true that under Steve, Apple would not take on debt to buy back shares. But borrowing money at...
Starbucks is very smart. Even without Apple Pay, the way they do it now is fast and easy. But you do have to pull your phone out of your pocket.   I've found that I spend money a lot faster when it's digital and so fast and easy. If I'm pulling out cash, I do that little value equation in my head, leading to buyer's remorse. I'd eat a lot less SB if it was cash only.   Actually, their sandwiches are a pretty good deal. $5+ gets you this (and it's fricken...
Regarding the watch market: I should have said that too. It's just a general observation that the younger crowd is completely set with their smart phones. As far as high end watches being on the upswing, I believe that. Luxury goods for the well-to-do have done well in this economy. A friend of mine does not wear a watch but he likes to buy high end Rolexes now and then.   Here's one thing, however. I don't think the younger generation is going to view the Apple watch as...
I'm not as jazzed about the watch as others but at least I'm open minded. I'm titillated by what Apps are going to appear on this thing to compel us to buy it. I know Cook refers a lot to the health aspects of it. It tells you to stand up. It counts your daily walking/running mileage. Somehow it helps him in the gym. It monitors his heart. For all I know it plays a jingle every time you pleasure yourself.   I'm intrigued by some of that but Apple must have something...
I'm sure Apple will sell a lot of gold watches in Dubai. Perhaps enough to drive up their average prices. I'm just a little weary on the watch due to the fact that an entire generation or two has grown up without wearing one. We'll see.
Well, he is doing the obvious. They are making great products and the prices are always coming down (or value is going up). Lower prices are a good thing and as Apple's efficiencies improve, prices come down, margins are maintained and the shareholders are rewarded. It's all good. I agree with the 2nd part of your post. What people get wrong is when they say, "or Apple is doomed." That is getting tired.
Yep. Have to adjust for inflation. If you don't, you'll walk around thinking the first Model T was 'cheap' when in fact, it was comparable to paying about $20K for a car today.   Good job, Apple. I'm glad to see Tim talk up the watch a bit.
Don't worry, Apple, I'll be upgrading my hot and heavy iPad 3 to an iPad Air 3 later this year. My cycle appears to be every 2-3 years.
All of this because someone had good taste, was anal about the details and could tell the future.
Competition is good. Let the best man win.
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