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I can't wait for the day when we can run our office sans Java, but it isn't happening any time soon. The industrial strength accounting apps require it and the programmers are slow to change. Apple is going to have to give this issue more time and energy.
I'm going to head over to a nearby Apple store to compare iPad 3 screens. Mine is a bit warmer than I'd like and if I don't hold it just right, the viewing angle amplifies this effect. I'll be comparing brightness and coolness. Also, I read an interesting article in the WSJ explaining that some apps (such as the WSJ) use a custom font that will appear fuzzy on the new iPad 3. They are working on an update to fix this issue.
Wow, that's a great test. The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are identical but you're right, the vertical green/blue bar on the right side is more purple on the iPad 3.
I agree on the very slight yellow. I noticed that when placing the iPad 3 right next to the iPad 2. I was a little disappointed about the brightness as well. I was expecting more POP at any given level. Here are a few other quick observations: * RealRacing2HD: Some of the animations before the races stutter. While racing, however, it's silky smooth. * Using Mail, when scrolling through your inboxes, the iPad 2 visually smoother. There is more visual disruption going on...
I purchased the iPad 3 with a new case, just in case there was an update. My iPad 2 case works perfectly on the new iPad. In fact, they are interchangeable so I'm assuming Apple hasn't modified the cases for the new iPads even though I read somewhere that there were slight adjustments to the internal magnets. I can't tell any difference between the two cases.
When I read The Journey is the Reward, which covers Steve Jobs' life from a kid on up through the Mac, I was fascinated by his attention to the smallest details. Lengthy prose on why SJ preferred rounded rectangles for the GUI and how the Apple II and subsequent motherboards had to look neat and orderly. Solipsism's pic really says it all. One board looks sloppy and has gaping space while Apple's looks like every square mm was carefully planned. Back in the NeXT days, they...
Hopefully competition will drive the fees down. Back in the day, I remember calling Costco's CC processor to recalculate my fees. Their math almost never added up.
I thought there might be changes that weren't absorbed by all the media and reviews so I bought a new cover.
I agree. I find it endlessly fascinating, all these intricate details. It's like looking behind the curtain of Apple's genius.
Since a few brought up Bluetooth......... I just purchased the Plantronics M100 Bluetooth Headset and am a bit disappointed with the crackling, static and cutting out. I've paired it with my new iPhone 4S and use it while on quiet walks. It's fairly difficult to have a normal conversation while using it unless it's dead quiet outside. So I usually cup my ear to help it out. On sunny days, I much prefer to just hold out my phone so I can use the speakerphone. How do...
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