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I thought there might be changes that weren't absorbed by all the media and reviews so I bought a new cover.
I agree. I find it endlessly fascinating, all these intricate details. It's like looking behind the curtain of Apple's genius.
Since a few brought up Bluetooth......... I just purchased the Plantronics M100 Bluetooth Headset and am a bit disappointed with the crackling, static and cutting out. I've paired it with my new iPhone 4S and use it while on quiet walks. It's fairly difficult to have a normal conversation while using it unless it's dead quiet outside. So I usually cup my ear to help it out. On sunny days, I much prefer to just hold out my phone so I can use the speakerphone. How do...
Isn't that maddening? You would think education sites would be the first to move on to standards that are compatible with the hardware they wish to buy (iPads). Even some cooking sites (Cook's Illustrated) that feature Apps for the iPad still rely on flash for parts of their web experience.
The retina display was the primary reason for my upgrade. I can't wait to see all these new hi-res shots, I hope reading the WSJ is easier because the iPad 2 was actually a tad fuzzier than the 1st model, to my eyes. I ordered on the 10th and was surprised to see it has shipped already and is due to arrive...well...Apple estimates the 15th and their own tracking link estimates the 16th. Either way, color me excited!
I wasn't planning on upgrading from my iPad 2, but after seeing how little my old iPad depreciated, I couldn't help myself. Thank you, Apple, for only offering the 16 GB iPad 2 for sale as it made my 64 GB a high-demand product! Very smart move - it got me a quick sale of my old one and the easy justification to whip out my credit card. I imagine a slew of buyers who will be doing the same math, even if they are happy with their iPad 2.
Unless things have changed since my college days, Gross Margin = (Revenue-COGS)/Revenue. That COGS are direct costs only. But nonetheless, I agree that the layperson reads 50%+ and thinks Apple is ripping everyone off. That 51% is what's left to pay off everything else and hopefully eke out a profit.
I love the new AppleCare+ and didn't even realize I purchased it with my iPhone4S. When I went in with a suspected hardware issue, they checked for water damage and apparently my phone had been subjected to too much moisture. Odd since I only use it inside and in my car, but it didn't matter. For $49, I got a new iPhone4S. I've always purchased AppleCare with my Macs and now will continue with the portable gear, minus the cheapies like the nano.
I agree. It is confusing. I'm sure Apple will come up with a new paradigm for labeling Apps so we can readily determine which hardware they are compatible with or optimized to run on. Just a quick pondering of how to label the hardware leaves me stumped. Any model past '5' just looses its panache. Product names are cumbersome to list compatibility requirements. Maybe they could use a simple numbering system that's accessible via a simple Get Info, leaving the name at the...
I was a bit surprised to see the degree of human input in the build of the iPhone. Maybe that explains why my 1st 4S took two attempts to dial out before connecting successfully. Apple gladly replaced it and things are chummy now. It's been a while since I've experienced such a defect in a new electronic product. I would prefer a highly-robotized plant, but perhaps that's where Apple can spend some of their impressive loot.
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