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It looks like Tim Cook rejected Boehner's appeal to make brown the new black. I would have liked to see Cook in the traditional black Apple garb, but I guess it never hurts to look like a suit in a suit. I'm sure they were discussing tax policy and other business-friendly ideas.
My parents' Apple TV bit the dust. We were all shocked because as a family of Apple users, our track record with Apple's quality has been stellar. It's out of warranty but I'm still going to see what they can do at the nearest Apple Store.
Supply and Demand obviously effects prices on commodities like oil and sugar. But Apple sets the prices on their own kit, such as iPads, and they stay generally constant, regardless of supply and demand. People aren't out there in the market bidding the prices up or offloading items and causing the price to plummet. It's not an open auction like wall street or ebay. Pricing is often just an educated guess within a range (Apple does want to maintain their...
Imagine the vitriol had the article stated Apple paid more taxes than required by tax law.   Apple's contribution to America reaches far beyond the tax revenue they generate. Innovation is far more important.   Note to Obama: Please stop berating the wealthy and successful. They do good things for this country. We need enough regulation to create a level playing field. After that, get out of the way and allow American ingenuity to thrive.
I was kidding about the glasses. It was a play on the CPU going 3D. Maybe not so good of one.... ;0)   Anyhow, I disagree. I bet there will be a new look to the upcoming iMac on top of the new 3d chips. I agree about losing the optical drive as well.
Looking forward to the upcoming iMac redesign and more CPU oomph. Will I need special glasses in order to use the upcoming kit?
I was always mystified at who found Apple's included earbuds functional. Whose ears did they fit? Eventually I splurged and spent over $100 on some Shure earbuds and was amazed at the sound quality. But the included tips of various sizes didn't include one that fit my ears snugly. So they'd fall out quite a bit. Then I was disappointed at having to spend $15 for packs of replacement filters. Wanting to amp up my workout with the new Nano, I purchased the following...
I can't wait for the day when we can run our office sans Java, but it isn't happening any time soon. The industrial strength accounting apps require it and the programmers are slow to change. Apple is going to have to give this issue more time and energy.
I'm going to head over to a nearby Apple store to compare iPad 3 screens. Mine is a bit warmer than I'd like and if I don't hold it just right, the viewing angle amplifies this effect. I'll be comparing brightness and coolness. Also, I read an interesting article in the WSJ explaining that some apps (such as the WSJ) use a custom font that will appear fuzzy on the new iPad 3. They are working on an update to fix this issue.
Wow, that's a great test. The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are identical but you're right, the vertical green/blue bar on the right side is more purple on the iPad 3.
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