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HzO sounds pretty neato to me. I love all this new technology and only wish I was 10 years old right now, with a big bank account. Maybe they can invent an invisible nano coating that gives the iPhone a rubberized grip while they're at it. I hate having to buy cases just so you can hang on to the thing. Lastly, if there isn't a market with Apple, I'm sure some enterprising nerd can turn this magic film into some sort of birth control.
I still have my original 68030 motherboard and a functioning 68040 NeXT Cube. The optical drive was fantastic, when it worked. The smallest dust contamination killed it, however. As someone stated earlier, the Apps were leaps ahead of what was available on the Mac and PCs and I happily used my NeXT to sail through college. I still fondly remember the U.W. computer show back then where the NeXT booth dominated with all their cool hardware and software. There were many...
That was hilarious. I watched in real time as that guy developed carpal tunnel of the elbow. He splits the keyboard then uses one finger to type. Pulling menus and apps and whatever from the sides only worked part of the time. The interface was unresponsive and ugly. And would it be asking too much to have the demo people skilled in using the product?
That is exactly what I see as Cook's challenge. WIthout the weight and charisma of a SJ, Apple's going to find negotiations a bit tougher. Tim strikes me as a nerd. Even his father called him a plodder. None of us are looking forward to Cook's next Keynote.
Cook is an operations genius, apparently. But he doesn't have the charisma and vision and panache to broker the deals that SJ did for Apple. I imagine things getting a little tougher on this front for Apple, but otherwise, they have plenty of momentum and a solid culture to run with far into the future. I hope the best for SJ and was saddened by the news. What a legend.
I loved the easy use of iWeb. Maybe Apple will add this component later. I don't see why they would care how we used our allotment of space, whether documents or iWeb sites. The integration with iPhoto was super snazzy. Something will replace it, no doubt. iCloud will be version 1. By version 3 or 4, it will be refined with even more features than we can imagine today.
I've read a lot of books about Jobs. I'm excited to see some interesting twists and tidbits with this authorized bio.
I have to say that the quality of the iPad v2 panels is not quite the same as the v1 iPad. We have 3 iPad 2s here and in direct comparisons, side-by-side, the text is sharper on the v1 iPad. It's a niggle, however. I only noticed it because I read the WSJ using the medium size text setting. My eyes picked up a faint blurriness. You really have to look hard to see it. For playing games, for example, you would never pick up the difference. As far as the backlog, one of...
This is exciting news. I remember reading The Journey is the Reward quite a few years ago and eating up every word. It's hard to believe Jobs would cooperate but maybe his cancer made him realize it's better to have a say in shaping your legacy than rely on authors who might not have the true story.
The govt. certainly didn't get in the way of MS's tablet creation efforts. And raw, unrestrained competition has resulted in tons of innovation in this area. As long as the govt. stays out, this will continue.
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