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I'm always relieved to read articles like this. Networking a bunch of computers together and keeping it humming is always a mixture of experience, technical knowhow and magic. Wireless networking just seems to be luck, magic and voodoo.
Doesn't surprise me that SJ gave to Democrats in the past. Many of the very wealthy are quite liberal. Then there's a huge chunk of conservatives that run small businesses and want govt. to set the rules and get out of the way. I don't think government would interest a perfectionist like SJ. He certainly wouldn't run the govt. like the party he contributed to. I'm not even sure the skill sets transpose. SJ is so results oriented and you can see his stamp on every single...
Censorship probably isn't the right word, technically. But Apple is going to find it harder and harder to take a puritan stance as many books, movies, songs and whatever else in the digital world contain adult content. And I find it all so silly. Put it in a special area like we've been dealing with it out here in the real world. Kids still get it, yet don't spontaneously combust. Besides, according to Dr. Oz, looking at breasts every day makes men live longer.
Censorship in this realm doesn't make a lot of sense. It just makes hypocrites out of us all. Intelligently regulating access via parental controls or the usual ratings systems will work just fine. I understand the line Apple tried to avoid crossing. But you can be a perfectly great book store that caters to all age groups. All you have to do is put the good stuff behind the magic curtain.
Radio Shack has improved over the years. My son likes to go in there and see all the gadgets. It brings back fond memories of those TRS-80s in high school. I can't see Apple selling their kit there with any degree of success. Most Radio Shacks I've seen at malls are always stuck down at the crappy end, just outside Sears.
Nintendo has Pokemon and Mario Bros and a few other popular characters. As a parent of two boys, I did some fast math and bought one an iPod touch and the other got the handed down iPhone. They still prefer their DSes when at home as they mach up with the Wii characters. But when we hit the car, they grab the iPod touches. They can watch movies, play more games, and do more things with the Apple kit. As a parent, I appreciate the cheap games and ever growing library. My...
Way to go, Steve & Arnold. Two of our great spirits of our lifetimes. I am an organ donor myself but was surprised at the high number of Californians that have opted in. We are truly the most generous nation on earth. This mere push will create even more supply. Donating a kidney should be without fee to the donor as well, my .02 - which kinda ties into the question asked at the end.
I miss VisualHub. I love adding to my Apple TV movie library. VisualHub was so efficient and high quality. Apparently VH is being redone, but I've tried a few others out there that look similar and others that are more commercial (Popcorn) and nothing gets me that excited. Nothing that I've seen kept the visual quality high while reducing file size like VH did. I would think that this would interest Apple since they have so many devices to move video files to. I'd...
He's not that old. The older I get, the older old gets. I hope he has a quick recovery. His resume is quite impressive. Best wishes to his family.
Capnbob, absolutely. Point well taken. That's what makes this exercise so fun and unpredictable. Given Apple's DNA, they don't have it in them to engage in a race to the bottom. Given the world-class products Apple likes to turn out - with breathtaking design and fine engineering with attention paid to so many details, including the packaging and experience of tearing into any Apple product - is their room to clamp down on prices and move more volume? Given what a...
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