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This news is simply incredible. If you consider that MS has basically been a 3-trick pony for decades, unable to push into new markets with unexpected success, and the fact that Apple has done this several times. They almost make it look easy. Apple sure is enjoying the fruits of spectacular product design and engineering and value pricing!
One other advantage for keeping a wired keyboard, besides the powered USB ports, is the fact that you can boot up in single-user mode. There may be a way to do it with the wireless keyboard, but I didn't bother trying to find a way. If there is a way, someone spit up the trick! ;-)
I Love the WSJ on the iPad. It's superior to trying to work with that barn door sized paper and clogging the recycle. I did cringe paying for it, but I do enjoy it every day. I agree with your sentiment, however. We should vote with our pocketbooks. I let them know in a survey that I thought it was too expensive, but I just can't go without my daily WSJ fix. I bet it drops in price. Ok, I HOPE it drops in price. I'm sure they'd make it up in volume.
Uh yeah, that's what I thought I said. A long came the iPad and thus a nice space for the smaller wireless keyboard. Without the iPad and competing only in the desktop space, I would think a full size keyboard would win every time. You lose too much and don't gain much when you opt for the wireless keyboard for your desktop. It's interesting to hear how many people use Hulu and Netflix. I'm new to Netflix, since buying the iPad. I love being able to watch movies on the big...
I agree for desktops. But then the iPad came along.
There is a wireless keyboard option: It's called iPad or iPhone using the Remote app. See, another excuse to buy yet more Apple gear!
The compact wired keyboard never made sense to me. Anyone on a desktop is going to need/want those extra function keys and numeric keypad on the full-size version. I imagine there probably is some demand out there for a full-size wireless keyboard as well, such as someone in an accounting firm who wishes to take the iPad to client meetings (hint hint, apple).
I have fiber optic to the home and the 1st gen was instant. As soon as I clicked on a movie, it started playing. Now it's not instant, more on the order of 5-10 seconds, but it's tolerable. There's definitely an issue there, but I'm just glad I'm not one of those waiting half an hour or more before a movie starts! One other issue I have with mine is it continuously loses the connection to my computer. This matters because you still need that link to browse your photo...
Women love the big O. They'll be reconsidering the iPad if they haven't purchased one already. My mom's reluctance to take the plunge has just been shattered. Turns out Oprah is more influential than I am.
In the not so distant future, I'm sure Steve Jobs envisions a completely sealed Rolex iPad. Wireless syncing and blue tooth (or something else) headphones. Special glass that spreads the sound from the speakers. You know we're headed for less holes, not more. As far as getting a netbook for less... I've seen these plastic, flimsy, unappealing netbooks at Costco and they are so slow and unimpressive that it's hard to believe anyone buys them over an iPad. I'm not getting...
New Posts  All Forums: