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Yep. Have to adjust for inflation. If you don't, you'll walk around thinking the first Model T was 'cheap' when in fact, it was comparable to paying about $20K for a car today.   Good job, Apple. I'm glad to see Tim talk up the watch a bit.
Don't worry, Apple, I'll be upgrading my hot and heavy iPad 3 to an iPad Air 3 later this year. My cycle appears to be every 2-3 years.
All of this because someone had good taste, was anal about the details and could tell the future.
Competition is good. Let the best man win.
If Apple wanted to escape detection, they could have mounted that contraption on top of a el camino or something. Whatever they're up to, I hope it helps fix the horrible walking directions in the maps app.   As far as my guess, the poaching almost certainly has to do with battery technology.
mdrift.... post of the month. Thank you for the laugh and coffee splatter.
I'm excited for this. I'm not a power user by any means. But I want syncing to work perfectly. The best way for that to happen, in my mind, is to have everything stored in the cloud. Then, when I make edits on my iMac, iPhone, iPad, or online, they are instantly reflected on all my devices.   Apple really needs to surprise us all with a seriously amped up iCloud storage bump - at the free level. So many problems are solved if we can all just use the cloud without...
I had forgotten about that intriguing little chip that manages the pixels on the new iMac. Very interesting. Apple is making their stuff harder to copy.   Maybe it's all this innovation that makes me wonder how long it's going to be before Apple breaks from Intel. I can't help but think that some accidental discovery is going to leapfrog Apple's ARM chips into the stratosphere. Same with batteries.
Wizard69 and WhiteFalcon, I agree with your posts. Capitalism has been the 800 lb gorilla that has made the US the best, most productive, wealthiest country on the planet. Our secret in America is entrepreneurialism. Hey, that's how Apple got started. Even a liberal Steve Jobs couldn't stand Obama and said (and likely wished) he would be a 1-term president. Well...we got what we voted for.   Taxing offshore profits without them even being repatriated? Certainly violates...
So cool. Apple just keeps killing it. Steve Jobs showed the world that there were people who were willing to pay for coolness, quality, best-in-class engineering. The first pictures of the glass from the outside made me all googly inside.   What's sad though is IF apple ever stumbles, harvard is going to have a heyday writing their business profile. "Apple succumbed to hubris and overspent on marble tables, exotic glass store fronts, lavish headquarters, etc."   I like...
New Posts  All Forums: