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 For me it was the strange, contorted facial expressions as he lied. It was so obvious it was painful to watch. I felt sorry for him many times because he was a true believer who knew his Emperor was naked. It took a while, but he finally wore himself out.
Every time iOS receives a facelift, there are the rabid posters who claim they are going to buy Dells and Androids and burn their Apple gear. Why? Because of such extreme changes as an OS font change. Or...messages has a new Send button. It's crazy. Then I read that 90%+ are converted less than a year later. Obviously these haters don't actually do what they say they are going to do and probably secretly adapt and love the new changes.......
It's funny that I watched his face during his press briefings and I said he was going to retire soon. His face just could not hide his lying. I just hope Apple doesn't hire this putz.
I'm psyched. Sapphire is incredible stuff. My 30-year old rolex is as shiny as the day it was new.   I'm pretty good with my Apple kit. I've had iPods/iPhones/iPads for years and they've left my hands scratch free. Except my iPhone 4S. I think someone drug a key across it and vandalized it. The scratch drove me nuts. Sapphire is a huge step up from GG.
A few hanging chads robbed us of this great visionary, the man who created the internet. I've been called disgraceful for not giving credit but someone beat me to it: http://youtu.be/YKjPI6no5ng Whatever Al's genius, he seems to have flatlined since joining Apple's board. I'm encouraged by the news that Tim is seeking new blood. Let's hope it doesn't include the revolutionary Joe Biden.
 Gotta love the literalists. Here's another way of looking at it: Al Gore, not so important. Steve Jobs, very important. God bless the sumerians. You had to look that up. Everyone knows Moses. On Gov: Can't give credit for creating the internet. Without capitalism driving that basic nugget of an idea, the net would still be languishing in the lab.
The internet took off after it was privatized. You have to look at intent. A slow, lumbering, inefficient govt. program vs. the free market, hell bent on making a profit.   Going back to the beginning is interesting but doesn't tell the whole story. It's only part of the story. If taken to extreme, one could say caveman was responsible for Mercedes, having invented the wheel. Or Moses had the idea of tablets and thus should be credited with inventing the...
I'm happy with my iPhone 5S battery life. But I've noticed it can vary greatly. I was at a show, taking credit cards with the cool Square App and Adapter and was consciously trying to preserve power. That is, I was only using my phone to take credit cards. No phone calls or texts or anything else. I started at 100% and 6 hours later, was down to about 10%.   I was surprised at the power suck though not sure what I was doing, exactly, to cause it. I imagine the ballroom...
This story doesn't even move my needle. We live in a society where everything everyone does at all times is subject to being recorded and going viral. Tim is gay? Who cares. I look forward to the sun rising tomorrow. AI jumps on the rumor? Interesting.   That some are so deeply affected by such revelations is actually fascinating to me.
The catch is if you want the latest iPhone 5S w/ 64gb, you have to purchase it from Apple sans plan.   Again, see above.....
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