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The govt. certainly didn't get in the way of MS's tablet creation efforts. And raw, unrestrained competition has resulted in tons of innovation in this area. As long as the govt. stays out, this will continue.
Steven Levy wrote a great book about the Mac's early days. The differences between what SJ saw at Xerox and what they came up with was night and day. Many people think they stole or copied all those GUI innovations. But they improved on them so much that they can properly be credited with inventing many of the GUI conventions we enjoy today. I agree with the poster above who used the word hypocrite. I'm not supportive of patenting ideas so crucial and general that...
Wife and I had the v1 iPads. Now we are stoked about our new iPads that arrived the other day. I synced mine and got it all set up and then noticed that the text is not as crisp. It actually seems to go in and out of fuzziness right before my eyes. And there's a definite angle that it looks best. I checked out apps like Wall Street Journal, NYT, Pages text, and some games like Words with Friends. Fuzzier than v1 iPad. So I'm syncing my wife's iPad to my account and...
O'Reilly's talking points covered the sensationalism of the other networks. His coverage is pretty good. Fair and Balanced.
Steve Jobs said that there are talented and smart people at MS. It's just that they don't have any class and culture in their products. Zune is exhibit A. Someone at MS who should have been fired decades ago has had the final say in naming their software and hardware products. In hindsight, the name, color, lack of support and looking downright dowdy next to Apple's iPods should have clued MS execs in to its certain demise. It did take longer than I expected. I'll...
LOL.....perfect! What is Apple's market share for real computers that cost over $1,000? The plastic junk at costco will never appeal to those that value nice things and a wonderful, efficient, virus free, relatively trouble free computing experience. I have a cell phone that costco threw at me for free. Is this what Android users include in the hyper competitive market for mobile phones? What is Apple's share for smart phones that actually have some of the functionality of...
THANK YOU, AI!!!!!!!! These are my favorite posts. Right after Apple comes out with some new kit, AI gets up close and personal. No one does it better. Then the replies after the article are just a bonus. Some are quite insightful and help in understanding the 'why's'
That's Mossberg's sidekick and she irritated the hell out of me. I don't get what the appeal is with Moss. His video reviews are incredibly boring. Sometimes he hits on a few details others miss, but for the way I look at products, I prefer Pogue any day. I saw the interview you mentioned and I agree it was an embarrassing event. By the way, she has done even more appalling interviews for Microsoft products. Watching her made me cringe.
Apple used to use Canon's engine for their printers. I owned the LaserWriter 8500 and it was a beast of a laser printer. Maybe they'll collaborate and invent high quality lenses that will fit inside Apple's ever thinning mobile line.
You're right. And ABBREVIATED is too long a word. It should set an example.
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