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We are replacing three of ours and relegating the v1 units to the office. I do wish 4G would have been in the cards by now, and many reviews I've read have at least touched on this. Lucky that most iPad users don't delve into the cellular realm that often.
I hate to see tiered pricing plans. It should just be $20 unlimited with a warning for people who obviously abuse it. Those who decide to download every movie known to man can be surcharged and the rest of us can go about enjoying our meager usage. If it were $10-$20 per month, a lot of people would just activate it and let it roll over. At $30 or more a month, most of us are going to activate it as-needed. They'd make more revenue by pricing it lower.
I'm glad Nintendo and others are having conniptions over Apple's game changing (no pun) model. I'm ecstatic to not have to pay $50+ for a game for the Wii. The kids still play the Wii, but they haven't asked for new games in quite a while. They freely go back and forth between the Wii and their iPads / iPod touches. People gasp when they see my son with an iPad. But it's saved me thousands of dollars. I'm happy as an italian plumber that Nintendo is stewing.
RAM should be a spec easily obtained in the tech specs area of Apple's web site. I'll give you that. But any web site that won't load on an iPad should probably be tweaked so that it does. There are a lot of iPads out there (and iPhones, etc). Apple is currently winning this tablet race and the world will bend to meet Apple's needs, not vice versa. Some of what you say is true. Apple does spout their preferred specs during keynotes while leaving some out. But the nice...
That's the first thing I noticed when seeing the mock pictures. You're right about the sloping 30-pin connector. It made it quite a hassle to hook my iPod Touch to my Zeppelin speakers. Sometimes I just use the headphone jack so I don't have to bend down, analyze the location and angle and make several attempts to get the angle just right before it slides in. PITA...let's hope someone at Apple made sure this isn't the case with the thinner iPad.
This event isn't just about the iPad 2, as far as I understand. Maybe there's a massive upgrade to MobileMe to be unleashed today as well. For me, the iPad is 10 x more useful with Dropbox. Many people who have iPads that I've seen rave about the way they use DB in conjunction with their iPad. Apple can't be too stoked about this. They really should have a killer cloud service that works magically with their own iPad. New iPad services and maybe a price reduction...
I guess amazon.com doesn't charge ST in some states. Legally, however, in lieu of retail sales tax, you are required to remit USE TAXES. Yep. They are equal to the sales tax rate. Very few people know of or pay the use tax. Even some businesses try to dodge it. Until they are audited.
I agree, it's incredible to consider the logistics of creating all this glass, stainless steel, and aluminum. Then consider the fit and finish of Apple's products. Sometimes I just look at all the seams and curves and derive satisfaction at the touch and feel of the buttons and surfaces. It's truly amazing. What an incredible asset Apple is to the U.S. I think IBM wins in the patent award area, but Apple drives this industry forward and breakneck pace. Awesome. No...
We are going to wait for a week or two and read the reviews, which hopefully will suss out any hardware issues. Typically, Macworld is great for this. If they give it a clean bill of health, we're going to take the plunge on the 15" for the office. My last PB was the 12" PPC so this is going to feel like a screamer. Very excited about running Lion on this thing!
We see more and more accountants going Mac. With everything rushing to the cloud, this has become easier and requires less software such as Parallels to make it work. What bugs me is we end up troubleshooting the various software out there, noting and reporting bugs, and when we call with a tech support question, we have to pretend we are on PCs because the default response on the other end is 'we don's support Macs.' They don't even wait till you ask your question....
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