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$59 million in fruitful stock appreciation is not unreasonable in this case. I merely pointed out that fretting over it is unreasonable, IMO. Simplistic? Yes. Some things are. Some things aren't.
Some people make a lot of money. Some don't. Some deserve every penny. Some don't. You're concerned about Cook's big payday. I'm not. Not sure what the Two more swings and Ayn Rand comments were about, but I suppose they are your way of coping with dissent. Life goes on! ;-)
No, they are your standards. I'm commenting on them. Sorry to hit a nerve.
You're 100% correct. It is Forecasting, after all. Management's best guess, backed up (sometimes) by mathematical models. Too much supply costs money. Too little costs sales. The goal is to get it 100% correct. FYI, multi-billion dollar companies make wrong guesses all the time. Microsoft: Vista. Intel: Itanium. Apple: the cube. Steve Jobs at NeXT: the NeXT Cube. If I had to pick a forecasting error, I'd pick being short a bit. With Apple, it does seem to make their kit...
You're concerned about a top-performing superstar who's increased your net worth mightily getting a tiny fraction of shares? Wow.... your standards are out of the stratosphere. I'm also a shareholder and kiss the ground the executive team walks on. When my net worth gets slammed by half, then I'll protest.
Except that the Mac was better, just fighting an OS that monopolized its way into a standard. Linux and all its variants are interesting, powerful and fun for a nerd. They have their place, as powerful servers and DirecTV boxes.
That $59 million is from incentive stock options, if I'm not mistaken. If so, he earned it. Doing a lousy job running Apple's manufacturing processes would have flatlined the stock. We can bitch when it's a salary and the shareholders are upset, but powerless. But Apple's shareholders have the best at the helm and I doubt any are concerned, especially since the pay comes out of the company's shares. What is excessive, as far as the number of options? Well, that can...
Love the " has done this for years!" comments. Ubuntu? For real? This world is down to Windows and Mac. They are the gorillas that matter. I think the store could use some UI refinements myself. Apps could use more info, such as how many computers you can manage via Apple's Remote Desktop app. Also, I'd like to know the new pricing, even though much of the good stuff is already installed on my Mac. Overall, I think it's a great...
Is that Apple Remote Desktop I see for $79? Sorry if this has been asked before but is that for unlimited managed Macs or 10? The info doesn't specify (at least as far as I can tell)
We all figured it took a little extra something to get the fab four on iTunes. If Paul doesn't learn the joys of prenups, his tunes might eventually be owned by a 29 year old cocktail waitress.
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