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I've seen the mighty Atom processor at work in a netbook. I was prepared to be underwhelmed, but what I saw was shocking. So incredibly slow as to be nearly useless. My father in law actually gave it away, which is what I would have done. I'm glad Apple didn't move in that direction for the iPad. 10+ hours is impressive. We haven't seen numbers like that announced for tablets, let alone tablets with beautiful, vibrant screens and functioning GUIs. R&D being what it is, I...
Well just look at what's coming right around the corner: iPad. Over 10 hours of battery life. Not much blew me away in SJ's presentation, but the half-day battery life sure did. This is what's known as 'competitive advantage.' It's part of what is going to make the iPad special and different from the competition.
This is a smart investment by Apple. It will offer a competitive advantage across their product lines. I imagine Apple will utilize these custom chips in all their products as soon as possible. I think back to the Amiga computer in the 80s and am stoked about the potential new capabilities and features coming. No one innovates like Apple so we should look forward to drool-worthy products coming out of Cupertino in the near future.
The top end at $829 seems high. Perhaps at that price the all-you-can-eat wireless plan could have been thrown in? I might sit out the 1st gen on this one but am comforted by Apple's history of aggressive price reductions combined with additional features and innovation. This thing has a lot of potential. On the name? Yeah, iPad leaves my head spinning.
This has to be one of the more disappointing CES shows I've seen. I'm always excited to see new TV technology, improved displays, some new innovations in GUI or hardware. The detachable laptops are worse than a joke. Thurrott posted like they were the 2nd coming. So I wasted time wading through youtube videos. When I saw the plastic junk with the GUI that lagged far behind the finger input, I was........stunned. This year is flooded full of mediocrity. I don't think Apple...
A couple quickies... I'd like to be able to easily send large emails right from the comfort of Mail. Secondly, I'd like to be able to send encrypted emails that the recipient could open with a password. Resolution independence would be nice with this huge monitor.
You can never have enough power. As long as you convert a HD movie from one format to another and twiddle your thumbs, there will be room for innovation. I'd just like to see some hard drive innovation alongside the CPU. SSDs are very nice and look to be the future, so how about a modular approach to designing the inners of our computers. At least we could jump on future improvements a little more cheaply.
I just spent a few hours on our last G5 at the office. The difference in colors and hues when moving your head just a few inches is quite noticeable. It's a 20" matte screen. It looks dull and uneven compared to the 27". I cannot believe anyone would prefer it, though I accept that people with bright lights behind them would be too distracted from glare. But how fun is it to work on a matte monitor with its own drawbacks? I still think it'd be preferable to organize...
Maybe a compromise anti-glare treatment of some kind. But going back to matte after using glossy is really hard. It actually looks like something's wrong with the screen. My opinion of course. Is there no acceptable anti-glare treatment or other technology in the works that will reduce or nearly eliminate glare? This does seem to be a religious issue on this board.
I concur with Solipsism. My i7 has been on for a while but I was taking a very critical eye to it on that first start up, looking for unevenness and blotchy lighting and/or bad pixels. On startup, with that huge 27" gray screen, my iMac is as uniform and clear as I can imagine it can be produced. You can move side to side and it's still uniform. You can, however, move your head up and down and the bottom inch seems to have somewhat of a 'band' of uniform darker lighting....
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