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I don't like efforts to demonize corporations or huge classes of people (Obama likes referring to bankers as fat cats). It's not rich vs. poor.   I don't think the word "Loophole" applies when discussing Apple's legal tax strategies.   Example: I sold artwork at one time. If I sold artwork on a reservation, I did not have to collect sales tax. Effectively lower prices often meant more money for me. So...I sold a lot more artwork on reservations (there's that...
That's interesting. Someone needs to invent a time machine so we can go back and kick Otellini in the balls and change the trajectory of iOS hardware. Would they be using smaller processes by now, i.e. more powerful, cooler chips? Intel has the fab thing down pat. On the other hand, the way it turned out, Apple has more control and maybe more innovations will bear fruit from Intel's seemingly screwy decision.
Kinda funny to have a Senate investigation on how companies are starving the beast legally. I wonder what they'll learn about gov. and how it taxes its people and corporations... Flat tax or Flat sales tax. Get rid of the IRS. Let's do it already!
Apple could probably buy any company with Square in their name (add Squarespace) and do pretty well.   I don't get this stand. It'd be cheaper and better to just have the card dongle attached to an iPad and hand it to the customer to sign (as they do where I buy coffee).   Gruber also reported that it's 30-pin connector only. If that's true, not too forward looking.   Still, love the company. I wonder how they got my email addy at my coffee shop....probably...
First of all, kudos to Adobe for the astonishing level of upgrades they just announced. If only Apple was half as productive with their iApps. I went to their website and watched the videos showcasing the various applications and features and was just stunned. It was mostly over my head as I've only ever played with their flagship PS. Web creation to me means Squarespace.   Reading the FAQ, I think people might be jumping the gun with their vitriol. I upgraded...
Taxes create incentives/disincentives. Repatriation of income earned elsewhere creates a huge tax liability for Apple. Hence the money stays where it was earned. Right now they can earn more than it costs to service the debt they are taking on.   There is enormous room to clean out the tax code, in my opinion. I like the flat tax idea. Anything that lowers the rate (incentivizing economic activity and growth) and broadens the base gets my vote.   On parties, I...
Toyota has their Lexus brand. I agree with DED on the trickle down theory. Bragging rights, trickle down, whatever - I'm all for the Mac Pro.   Is it just me or has Intel slowed down on CPU innovation? I don't remember the last time I was excited for an upcoming processor. I thought we'd be up to 10 GHz by now.
Pretty bad. I watched the whole thing and I can't figure out why. I need a rape shower.
It probably happened. I mean, who knew.   You mean this industry is racing towards smaller, lighter, cheaper, faster?
Seriously? If true, time for heads to roll at MS.
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