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Watched the sequence in the article and burst out laughing...blocking Nicolas Cage....brilliant! Thanks for the chuckles!
I believe the pent up demand. I just bought an iPhone 5S outright (using Straighttalk) and even I want to upgrade to the larger screen. Eyeballs are getting older, worldwide. This was long overdue!
Maybe Apple has something pretty revolutionary in the lab and doesn't feel the costs justify protecting 'old' technology. Some kind of cost/benefit analysis was done and I, too, wonder what they're thinking.
I don't doubt that Apple is working on a completely integrated solution. A big TV with an Apple TV built in. I'm sure many people would buy such a thing. But many also enjoy the freedom and advantages of separating the TV from the external box.   I just can't imagine what would draw me away from my preference to simply buy an external box like Apple TV to hook up to my favorite TV. It's the perfect trojan horse. Apple bypasses the TV and controls the features and...
I'd love this feature. Here's hoping Apple also slides the storage up and 32 GB becomes the new minimum. A8/128 has a nice ring to it.
Here's a good example of why the Doxie is cool. I also have three different scanning apps on my iPhone/iPad but when I had to scan over 100 pages once, I immediately grasped the Doxie concept of quick convenience. That said, the mobile apps for scanning are quite impressive. Just more cumbersome for heavy loads.
I love my Doxie for quick jobs. Spring for the wireless option as hooking it up to your computer after scanning sort of ruins the convenience. I find mine does fine with receipts but often grabs 8.5x11 sheets a little wonky. They could address this by having the unit pause a tad longer before pulling your sheet, allowing you time to correct the straightness before it gets sucked in.
A guy drives up in his new Lexus. He graciously exits the car and a passerby says, "My Ford Focus gets me from point A to point B just like his car."   There is no point in trying to explain to that guy why anyone would drive a Lexus.
Always someone to poo-poo the cameras that consumers actually love and use. It's not a dumbing down. The vast majority of people can't tell the difference between a pro shot and a good pic with an iPhone 5S.   I do understand the technical debate and that's something many of us enjoy. But I always stop short of saying iTunes sucks and will never be successful because it isn't some wildly huge, complicated file type. Or, like I've heard many photographers say, digital...
To me, the new Wii U controller looks huge and plasticky. The games look pretty good from what I've seen so far. But the only reason my son plays the Wii instead of the PS3 is due to the Mario games. That seems to be Nintendo's ace in the hole. I agree that N could do pretty well to port that fat plumber over to iOS.
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