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I'm not an engineer so I'm just guessing, but these radio processors must be one of the main power hogs after the LCD and CPU. As someone alluded to above, it's likely one of the more expensive parts as well. In other words, there's a lot of motivation for Apple to take this in-house. Reductions in power consumption and cost would offset new innovations such as the sapphire glass.
The only thing Google hasn't tried to clone from Apple is Steve Jobs himself. Crap...I just gave them an idea........
Apple can beat this just by creating a more robust ATV that runs the iOS well enough that the entire App store becomes its playground. I'd certainly pay a chunk of change for that. I like that Amazon's unit plays games. They seem to be approaching tablets and TVs with aplomb. The unit looks nice and has some nifty features. Great price. Optional game controllers show their commitment. Sweet. It will definitely nudge Apple. I think Amazon is going to sell a ton of these...
I really enjoyed that. Apple couldn't have had a better moment than that.   What would have been an even better song was that theme to National Lampoon's Vacation. That would have conjured up images of Christy in that Ferrari and made the universe whole.
 Well you got me there. I wasn't aware that amazon was a 1-product company.
Heard the monopoly nonsense in business school, only it was tagged to Walmart.Still waiting for the universal price hikes to hit.   Amazon is a monopoly of what, exactly? Jeff B. is a volume guy and likes low prices. That's just the way he rolls. $99 is still a huge bargain for online shoppers like me. There will be no price hikes because this economy is still sluggish. Everyone can compare value online.
I've always maintained a relationship with the local Apple store manager as well as a phone rep. Most of my discounts have come from my phone guy. They aren't huge as we are not wal-mart but they are appreciated. As is the way they treat us like they value our business. I tend to try to establish relationships wherever I shop, whether it's Williams-Sonoma, Costco or the local grocery store.   I view it as win-win.
Just for the record, Straighttalk will work with an unlocked phone. No need to purchase from Walmart. I read about the scores of frustrated users being throttled early, but I assume many of those users were trying to game the system somehow. I turned off video stuff on cellular and so far, enjoying great coverage, high quality calls and fast speeds on my unlocked iPhone 5S. WITH all taxes, it is under $50 per month.
Great to see some price competition. I bought an unlocked iPhone 5S and then made Wal-Mart's Straighttalk plan work on it. It's a clumsy solution as you have to use a special gadget to stamp a Micro sim into a nano sim to fit the iPhone 5S.   But it's unlimited everything for $45 and rides on AT&T. After 2.5 GB in any month, the speed can be throttled down.
The head is cool and I get the 1 and 0. I can also grok the rustic theme. But the pillar and two weird characters..... seems like he had a lot more to work with than a pillar. What about some hints about an apple, icons, fonts, etc.
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