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Or you could just count your reps to get a general sense of whether or not you need to add weight. Then use the mirror to guide your progress. I'm all for tech, but we're getting to the point where we are demanding less and less from our own gray matter to do very simple things. Working out gives its own feedback. It's not a bad thing to also work out your brain. Memorizing weights/reps is fairly unchallenging.
One can hope that since Rand and Reid are behind this, Obama won't turn this proposal into a class warfare opportunity. I wish he would have used the bully pulpit to champion companies and the economy and people working hard to become well off. Once the liberal press gets ahold of this, we are going to hear nonstop how poor people pay all the taxes and the rich don't pay their fair share.
 I'll buy a ticket to ZoetWorld....much better system than what we have now. BTW, simplified/flat/two-tier tax systems usually have a 'rebate.' The taxes don't kick in until some agreed upon amount that basically exempts the poor from paying in. I'm not as knee-jerk sensitive to killing any idea because it will kill off the poor amongst us. There will always be programs and healthy debate about what to do about any system that increases hardship on those on the lower...
I'd do a simplified two-tier flat tax. I would be carving into regulations with the aim of getting govt. out of the way of capitalism. No complicated VAT or weird mumbo-jumbo that no one understands. No need for accountants. And, bonus, very difficult to politicize. The labyrinth tax code gives rise to political favors and endless tinkering as one party or another shoves benefits to their base of voters (such as this suggested tax holiday).   Get politicians out of it....
I'd offer a special discount on taxes to get this money back to our shores. Maybe it's time to look at lowering marginal rates and broadening the tax base. Simplify the code and regulations. Make it fair and easy. Make it business friendly. Then watch companies disengage from avoidance activities and worry about creating better goods and services.   Even liberal Steve Jobs decried the unfriendly business climate. Businesses respond to incentives. If we want things done...
Apparently there are two ways to adjust prices: According to Yahoo, Apple did pretty good this year. According to Bloomberg, the past year saw a huge 10x+ gain.   Check out the 52-wk Low/Hi    
Amen.   Apple has the tightest hole in the biz. I like the story of Steve Jobs telling his engineers to tighten it up at the late hour nearing the iPhone introduction. It seems I've had more than a few gadgets where the jack started malfunctioning and the sound went in and out and generally drove me nuts.   I'll take the lightning connection with a splitter or whatever they come up with so I can charge and listen. Time to retire old holes.
I wonder why Apple can't do a better job of filtering out road noise when iPhones are used in vehicles. Seems like an easy thing to cancel out the steady, consistent 'swoosh.' I'd love a 'car mode' for the speakers that perhaps gave up a little voice quality in return for less road noise.   For what it's worth, I never liked ear buds until I bought the kind that have memory foam covers. Just like the beds, these buds conform to the shape of your ear and form a tight...
Watched the sequence in the article and burst out laughing...blocking Nicolas Cage....brilliant! Thanks for the chuckles!
I believe the pent up demand. I just bought an iPhone 5S outright (using Straighttalk) and even I want to upgrade to the larger screen. Eyeballs are getting older, worldwide. This was long overdue!
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