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When he says that Apple killed Nokia and the paper industry and that lead to a downgrade of debt, he's putting the blame on the wrong entity. Progress and innovation do create displacement and disruption, but that's a good thing. It's up to Finland to rework those industries and try to catch back up.   His picture sort of threw me. I just watched the life story of Buddy Holly starring Gary Busey a few days ago. Had to do a double-take.
Excited about all the new goodies coming within a week.   I never understood those that want to decouple everything in iTunes. I can't imagine digging around for dozens of Apps to look for stuff or enjoy the varied entertainment.   Ok, I do have a big beef. I love podcasts but Apple needs to fix the Podcasts App so it syncs and works as expected. Grrrrrrrr......
Yep. I found the same thing. In fact, as iOS updates, my poor iPad 3 struggling. I thought it was hopelessly sluggish with iOS 8 and then, out of frustration, did a simple restore. Now it's back to merely slow, but not the crazy bad stuttering and pausing that was driving me nuts on my first simple over-the-air iOS update. Anywhoo, I hope any resolution increases come with bumped up GPUs so we don't have another iPad 3 experience.
I have the 1st retina screen iPad, 3rd gen. It was heavier, ran hotter, and went through battery life pretty quickly. For what I use it for, I didn't mind. I like putting on movies as I drift off to sleep. I also read a lot of iBooks.   Now I have no choice but to upgrade. iOS 8 on my 3rd gen is a dog. Sometimes it takes several seconds to launch apps. Movies stutter and then speed up to catch up to audio. Launching some apps seems to take forever. It's just noticeably...
Makes me want to get rid of my iPhone 5S POS. Give me the 6. Grrr.   Since I paid full freight on last year's model, will wait till the A10 version that's fully encased in sapphire glass and has sensors that read my mind.
I have to wait and reserve judgment until I hold one in my hands, but I was initially disturbed by the protruding camera. Hopefully the thing sits flat and the pictures exaggerate the protrusion.   The iWatch needs to be tethered to a device with a better, bigger screen.....hmmmm.   If I'm driving with my iWatch on and turn right, does it go on and off?       Initial thoughts only.
Maybe the biggest jolt will come from removing the "Tim can't innovate" from the street's mindset. That's why they need that iWatch. Or some other new product category that no one guessed. Doesn't even have to move the needle. It's about the perception that since Jobs died, Apple hasn't invented anything new and exciting.   As far as iWatch demand, my son wants one in the worst way and hey, if it's pretty cool, I might suddenly find a need for one too.
 ha! Good point. I doubt after hearing, "I'm leaving you...you never listen!" a guy could pull out recordings of conversations and salvage the relationship.
  I thought the same thing and didn't like this commercial. This ad is very polarizing and seems to generate love/hate responses.
I'd change the word 'pathetic' to 'tragic.' Severe depression often robs the mind of metacognition. There are many psychological illnesses that prevent a certain awareness of what might seem obvious to an outsider. Anorexia Nervosa is one that comes to mind. Experts used to think therapy then intervention to get them to eat. Now they understand that it's the other way around. The low body weight literally changes their brain and thus the way they think.   It's common to...
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