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Sorry, I'm a "jerk" and a "troll" for simply pointing out a redundant word? I apologise for being a little fed up of England taking second place to America with regards to her language... and I'm Scottish.
You're absolutely right. The British empire had nothing to do with the status of English as the world business and political language. After all, the founding fathers of America were considering making German the political language in America.
I'm not really sure the "[British]" addition was really necessary for the English dictionary. After all, there's a reason the language is called English.
This is one of those things that really get to me. You're paying for the right to watch the programme, listen to the music, etc. In the UK, a new Blu-ray film might cost £12. Get in double play (Blu-ray and DVD) for the exact same film, £15. Buy the triple play (Blu-ray, DVD and iTunes copy), £20. It's just moronic.
Typically the Queen doesn't have a say as to who she knights. The British government periodically puts a list forward to the Queen and unless there's an extremely good reason not to knight a person, she will follow the will of the government as the UKs elected representatives of the people.
While they get £30m from the civil list, the Queen also gave up the right to all income from her land and assets, and I believe the same might be true for Prince Charles (much of the Duchy income is given to charity). the income brought in from the land they own more than makes up for the £30m given by the tax payer. Buckingham Palace will never tell you this as the monarchy must remain politically neutral.The monarchy in Britain holds a purely ceremonial role in politics....
Airplay for 3rd party is how I see game and apps for apple tv working. They wont be hosted by the apple tv, but by your iPhone or iPad. The potential here is huge, especially if they can use a different screen configuration when purporting through apple tv.
It's funny you say it might not work in a supermarket. You should try Waitrose. they have a similar system, where you swipe your card on entry (after registering with the store) and get a personal scanner. At the end of the shop, you hand the scanner to someone at a till which downloads the items from the scanner. Very quick normally. They do the occasional spot check to make sure you are scanning all your items.
I don't think our CEO even knows these things existed. Allegedly, he was out on a golf course and asked if anyone knew the football (soccer) score. Someone pulled out a BB and told him. He didn't know you could get web enabled phones so suddenly all the higher managers are getting BBs. I have an iPad which I do use at work as well. I'm often out of the office on site, so put my drawings and manuals on it. Much easier than carrying a huge roll of A1 and A3 drawings around,...
The mobile version is very welcome. I plan to get an iPad shortly, and this will not be very helpful on site. However, you MUST have a network connection to use it as there's no local storage, or iDisk support. You have to use their website to store the files on - a big mistake I believe. Substations often don't have very good reception.
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