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Seems to be working fine for me.
No problem with my 4S.
Really?  That is counter to all the other reports from developers that I have read.
Rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.
I'd like to see a smarter "remove duplicates" that doesn't rely exclusively on the song title but rather matches by rhythm signatures. Apple actually patented something like this quite a while ago - I'm remembering it being in the 2006-ish timeframe.
Thank you, Steve for giving us 3 of the 4 computer user interfaces that have ever existed - the mouse, touch, and now voice-controlled. Thank you.
RIP, Steve Jobs. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
I'm predicting a release during WWDC after two or three more builds.
"Mac shipments in the business market grew at a torrid 66.0% pace, an order of magnitude higher than the 4.5% shipment growth rate of the business market" Wouldn't an order of magnitude higher mean 9% growth for Apple?
Tim Cook's influence? Also, gotta love how they misspelled "strength" in one of the graphics.
New Posts  All Forums: