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Why can't they do both?
I don't think that would be a good idea. It would make the phones too big.
Look, another freshman out to talk negative. Good for you, we're used to the doomsayers since the 90's.  
  10 years? You missed it by quite some years, my friend. Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy back in 1996, but has had a tremendous rise since that time. But I guess there are many new iOS-fans around that doesn't know the history ;)  
A larger screen is most welcome! I have wondered if I should buy a Samsung S3 (god forbid) because of the larger screen, but now I can stay on the iOS platform if this rumor is true.  
Apple should release a larger iPhone, but keep the smaller sizes. I cannot understand people arguing against larges screens, it's not like the smaller screens will disappear! I for one would buy a 5" iPhone immediately.  
Exactly. It's the thinnest mobile on the market. The pixel density is the highest, and since the screen is 'only' 4" it might easily be the fastest one as well.
Shut up and take my money!
  Does it matter?
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