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Agreed. Done.
... and yet you come here time and again to read and discuss
Monkey see. Monkey do.
I'm with you 100% here.
Same here.
Actually, my collection contains of my own songs, Friedwals collection (he was kind enough to make me a copy) and a third collection which was just as big. I still don't think I have the world's largest collection - but related to iTunes sluggishness I don't think there are many over me.I have crammed it onto a 3TB-drive, only 2GB free now - so there is a need to find some better solutions soon. Amount of songs so far: 502,273
I just wonder when Apple is going to make iTunes faster on large collections (500k ++). It's way to sluggish even on my rig, beach ball hell all the time can anyone say database?
I'm shocked to find yet another Microsoft-article here. Oh wait.
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