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I'm shocked to find yet another Microsoft-article here. Oh wait.
A Mac owner since 85 and registered today? Gimme a break... Where do all these noobs come from anyway?
Oh look, another '11 with a negative Apple approach.
Oh look, another 2011 newbie with a healty Apple-hate.
The man is angry about Mac OS X evolving and just have to pay $29 for it. I've been running Lion since GM came and I have yet to find any negative aspects. He's a troll allright.
What's up with all the "Jul 2011" trolls?
Yeah, a complete redesign! From flat to ... wait what
Why thank you Captain Obvious.
The design/functionality is also changed, just look at the top of the phone, frontside. There's an extra hole above the mic.
New Posts  All Forums: