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The article is probably not too far off, let them beat each other to death.
Nice one! Best post today!
Developers! Developers! Developers!
And how do you think the average user will be able able to figure that out? Some will, yeah, but how about a product that works as it should out of the box?
Hey Sugar!
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And you are realising this is a fansite, but still rides this dead horse? You seem clever enough in your writing, and at the same time you contradict yourself. There are so many of your kind that struggles to keep themselves "neutral" in any way - not arguing for one side or another. And when people do take sides, they criticise prople for doing just that. Full of contradictions all the way. I wonder what personality you have.
Indeed. Oh.. how the mighty have fallen.
Probably just envy.
It's called iChat
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