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Hopefully you have sent that request to Adobe, and not just to this forum?
Are you still here?
Please stop that idiotic posting with center-aligned text.
Wasn't he banned or something?
Take a deep breath and step away from the keyoard. You will do yourself a big favour, because you look like a complete ass with your brainless posts.
Go troll somewhere else, we are getting quite bored of your stupid posts.
Don't feed the troll.
So you can't make up your own opinion about a product, and instead base your shopping on the number of stars in AppleInsiders reviews?
That's just plain wrong. Snow Leopard is the best Mac OS so far.
I use a 24" iMac with glossy screen every day, and have yet to find one single reason to get a matte screen instead. What's your problem, tecktroll?
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