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That's just plain wrong. Snow Leopard is the best Mac OS so far.
I use a 24" iMac with glossy screen every day, and have yet to find one single reason to get a matte screen instead. What's your problem, tecktroll?
Apple is doomed!
It's pretty much the most annoying mouse ever produced, second only to the hockey puck from the original iMac. Just use any Logitech of your choice, and discover a better world.
Your loss, the new iMacs are brilliant in all possible ways.
teckstuds' real signature: "Once you go Troll, you never go back!"
What crashing? CS4 performs flawlessly here. And I'm using SL.
Jeez! The fault is entirely Ballmer's - and he is thus generating a lot of unintented focus towards Apples product.
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion I think I like it
This is the real deal, guys. I'm already running the Golden Master version of Snow Leopard, and when you install it, you double-click on an icon perfectly similar to this picture.
New Posts  All Forums: