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I bought the beats by dre studio's, and the microphone/button on the remote aren't working. They don't answer/decline calls, skip tracks, only sometimes changes the volume. I cleaned out the headphone jack and pulled out all the lint. These are my second replacement pair, the older pair didn't work as well. They worked fine on an iPhone 3G with 4.1. My iPhone 4 is running 4.0 (jailbroken), but I can't seem to get it to work. The microphone somewhat works, people...
Help! I just got a new mac pro. When installing my additional hard drives (1 WD 300gb, one 300gb Seagate) into bays 2 and 3, the computer does not start. The GPU and CPU fans just go crazy and the monitor is blank, backlight doesn't even turn on. I was able to get the computer to start after installing the WD drive into bay 2, but the drive does not show up on the computer. I only see the standard drive shipped by Apple. Can anyone help me get my 2 other drives...
The picture is a fake. Here's my evidence: Looking at the EXIF data, the photo was taken with: Image Description: MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Make: Minolta Co., Ltd. Model: DiMAGE Xt Looking up the camera, the reflection does not match the camera I found. http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_.../dimagext.html
Thanks, I used Disk Inventory X ti find a huge log file and deleted it.
I have a powerbook g4(15", 1.67ghz, 10.4.10) with a 100gb hard drive. Today I had only 176mb full, and before I had around 8 or 9. Now after restarting twice, i only have 1.2gb free. I suspect some cache or log files that I can't find are taking up space. It's strange that it just got full mysteriously. I tried to look for fixes online but found nothing. Any input?
i'm fine with getting it repaired, but my problem is that i need certain files from it by tomorrow evening, and also i don't want those repairing it to see what's on my hard drive, i have too much private info there and nowhere to back it all up.. My computer is under the applecare warranty, so the repair wouldn't cost me anything.. i'm forced to post messages here from my nokia 6682 and the opera browser..
Now all my info is on that computer, and I need it very much this week especially. While i was using the computer, the screen suddenly went black, i tried putting the computer to sleep and then turning it on again but i had no luck. Next i tried restarting it, the computer's backlight doesn't turn on at all.. The LCD is still on, i still see the image of my desktop as usual, but it's too dark to manage with. I am using: Powerbook G4 1.67ghz 100gbhd 2gb ram I...
hey, i run a fully maxed out powerbook 15" and it takes me 6 hours to convert a movie to be burned to dvd in toast 7. is this normal? any suggestions?
hello, i have a 15" powerbook. its not the new one but the series previous to the new ones. it's fully maxed out and i get around 2:15 of battery on battery saving performance. does anyone know of a good third party battery that gives a longer life, or does anyone know of any ways i can improve my battery life noticeably. thanks
i guess.. i just dont think the powerbook should be this slow..
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