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I thought the overhead looked more like SimCity with Apple/GT Ad Tech being the first tennent. The streets are layed out kinda like I do with SimCity, lol, one big block with street loops inside the block. ….. Now, where's that disasters button.
Just listen, you can hear the FOSSer's screaming on Engadget, Ars, Life Hacker and on and on.  I just love that sound 
Wow if Samsung paid Apple $30, and pays Microsoft a little less, this would make Android expensive indeed.   Since this is from 2010, I wonder if Nokia is paying a patent royalty for each WinPhone sold?  Does Apple and Microsoft have a cross license deal?  This document raises even more questions.
Why? The Kindle Fire is not what compressed margins this quarter. Amazon's margins have been suppressed for the past few quarters due to the huge spending on physical warehouse construction, cloud infrastructure build-out, video on demand build-out, and feature discounts. Amazon continued this trend with $500 billion USD in infrastructure expenditures. What came out of the blue was Amazon's buy back of 1.6 million shares of stock at over $600 million USD. It has been...
Let's see. Speculation about the numbers of Kindle Fires sold is to be ridiculed due to the lack of actual numbers, but the fact that Amazon is losing money on each Kindle Fire sold based on an estimate from iSupply is gospel.
I don't know if Amazon will release sales figures or not. For what is is worth my KF's version number is; 6.2.2_user_3205xxx and my son's is 6.2.2_user_5173xxx. i can' t check my daughter's till she gets home. (last 3 digits redacted) Mine was ordered in the middle of November and my kids' were ordered on Dec. 28.
both should do the right thing, two wrongs never make a right [sorry for the punctuation, my wireless keyboard stopped working and i am having to use the on-screen keyboard]
how about bringing it home and paying their taxes
is that why the display case in the picture is 3/4 full, hehe nice try
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