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Bad luck. I have called Apple, which says that a swelling battery is not a recall issue -- i.e. they won't give me a free replacement -- but they say that yes, a swelling battery should be replaced before it damages the macbook. And of course they offered to sell me one. I see that third-party batteries are a fraction of the $129.99 price Apple wants for its own A1185 MA561LL/A battery. Do we think it is worth paying up for the Apple battery?
I have a late 2007 Santa Rosa 2.0 GHz Macbook. It's still on its first and only battery and that battery is still working just fine, after 3+ years. I have noticed, though, that the battery is swelling: the outer side is definitely convex, such that it grounds on a flat surface and the little bumper foot nearest the battery cover is lifted off the surface. Time to replace that battery? Again, I emphasize that the battery is still performing fine.
...meaning each app can use **only** 2GB? I use a processor-intensive app -- Nikon Scan, for film scanning. Would upgrading my Santa Rosa Macbook from its current 4GB to 6GB RAM therefore **not** shorten the time it takes to scan images, do you think? I ask because the price of the 4GB sticks has now (June 2010) fallen to $130..... I also find that I get program crashes using Nikon Scan, when I have too many images in the process queue. MIght extra memory help with that...
SOLVED -- It was Retrospect 8. I had set up automated backup of another machine, but retrospect was unable to execute because it was not connected. Retrospect kept casting around for the other machine until eventually, it gace up. Once it was connected properly and the backup was up to date, the computer closed down normally. Nothing wrong with Retrospect, or the Mac.
Nothing when I shut down... All kinds of things during a session... anything below look suspicious to you...? Thanks...
I am running updated Snow Leopard on a 2GHz Santa Rosa Macbook with 4 gigs RAM. About two weeks ago, it started to take a loooong time to shut down - I just timed it at 10 minutes, 3 seconds. Startup takes just over a minute, from pressing the button to login. I have run Permissions Repair and Verify in Disk Utility: no problems were exposed. Any ideas where else I should start looking for the problem? Thanks all,
Forgive me if there is an existing thread on this topic -- I've looked without success. Are there reasons not to buy used, original-disc copies of discontinued Mac OS X software from an auction site (I'm thinking of a copy of Tiger for my modified 'hobby' G4)? The only concern I can see would be in the situation where the seller is unscrupulously still using an installation from the discs on an active computer -- it might well pop up on Apple's radar if two...
Superb! Thanks....
Are Mac Pro's noticeably quieter than G5's? -G4 Boy
Maybe I could just get around all this if there were a utility that would enable me to format the NAS disks as Mac Extended HFS.
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