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I hooked the MB up to an external monitor and the video shows up just fine. So I am trying to figure out what next? So that I can fix the screen. What cable or cables do I need to buy or even if I need to purchase a new screen?
I have a Macbook (White 13-inch Late 2006 Model) I power this bad boy up and all I see are pastel vertical lines on the screen. I'm hoping this can be an easy to moderate fix. I pray that I don't have to purchase a new logic board because I purchased this laptop off of ebay and it cost me alot already. So I'd be in forever in anyone and everyone's debt who can help me to the best of their abilities. Please Any Help Appreciated!!!!!!!!!
I will try that out to see what happens and get back to you.
My imac was working just fine a couple of hours ago. All of a sudden now it won't eject cd's when I press the eject button it tries to push the cd out but you hear it go back in and when I look on my screen you see the cd icon. I view the files on the cd and even try to load things from the cd but I cannot eject the cd. Please HELP!!!!! Any help or input greatly appreciated!!
I recently (like three days ago upgraded my ibook g4 to leopard from tiger) Everytime I'd turn on my laptop when I had tiger it would find my network just fine. Now that I have leopard on my laptop it will find the network but I had to put in my network key each time whereas with tiger I didn't have to do that at all, it just picked up my network automatically. Please any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
I updated my macbook's firmware and I didn't receive a screen saying that my update was sucessful and my indication light is bright but my screen is black and now when I turn on my machine all I see is a black screen but it will turn on and off but nothing else please help!!!
I have a PowerMac G3 704 Mb Ram, 350Mhz PowerPC, Mac OS X Version 10.4.10 and when I download programs using Safari or Firefox it will download the whole program and then when it gets to preparing the disk image it says Mounting Failed and it messes up the program. Any Help Greatly Appreciated!!!!!!
I have a 13inch white macbook and I was loading a dvd and it got stuck in my dvd player I'm trying to figure out hot to retrieve the dvd!! Help!! Any Help Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I download a program on my powermac g3 using Safari it will download the whole program and then when it gets to preparing the disk image it says Mounting Failed and messes up the program. Any Help Greatly Appreciated!!!!!!!
Yes I can put two cards in at once.
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