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what kind of HD do we find in the new imac: seagate, IBM or……?
Is it worth to change to a 7200 rpm HD and is it easy to do it myself on the new imac
I just tried to connect me to spymac and got that message: error 404: Datei nicht gefunden! Das angegebene Dokument konnte auf diesem Server leider nicht gefunden werden. End of the story?
[quote]Originally posted by notts26uk: It is the 5400 rpm across the 3 models. Would have been nice to have had the 7200 tho.
Real info or just a guess?
Does some one know if the hd in the new imac is a 5400 rpm or a 7200 rpm Thank you for the info
the message sleepless night is for the apple web team. You can see this text before the image for the slogan appear. Sleep well every body
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