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I totally agree. There’s no way that Apple, or any company that makes software for that matter, would ever be able to squash all the bugs before they let it out into the wild. Frankly, the fact that Apple continues to update two-and-a-half year old software shows its commitment to its user base. The best beta testers are the Joe Average members of the public.
Probably about 50% more expensive on each part.
Glad we don’t have the borough/burrow problem in England, where the two are not homophonous. Stupid "boro" pronunciation.
Could it also be because the ringtone might be heard in a public place, so you’re essentially paying for rights to play the song publicly?
I actually have quite fancied Volkswagen as the Apple of the car world. I think that they have the same design ethos. Plus their cars are neat.
I agree with all of the above (not to shout “me too!” or anything ). Anyway, this has got to be one of the more ridiculous rumours I’ve heard lately. Scratch that—it’s the most ridiculous rumour. iCar? Next Apple will be selling iApples.
Yeah… this is sucky. I think it has something to do with the really weak dollar. Still sucks though.
Oh... OK then.
Oh don’t be so naïve. Apple’s covering their arse. It doesn’t matter if the picture’s fake or not, they don’t want the veil of secrecy to be lifted. Therefore, whenever a purpotedly “real” image shows up on the Internet, they take it down.
New Posts  All Forums: