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So buy a MacBook. This product is (potentially) aimed at people who don’t need to play DVDs. Remember Jobs’ recent keynote, in which he downplayed the significance of the DVD. He clearly wants to move on from optical media, though he’s ahead of his time.
Wow. This doesn’t even look fake dudes.
Grrr... the thing is I have an interview on Monday, and then I’m going away shortly afterwards, so I hope they don’t call me back whilst I’m on holiday! I was just kidding about hanging round the forums BTW, I’m fully aware that retail employees are the last to know about new products. I hope I get through the first round! *crosses fingers*
Yay!!! I finally got an interview with my local Apple Store after many weeks of trying... if I get the job i won’t be able to hang round here much longer! Any tips for interview success? Apparantly I have a 1 in 17 chance of getting hired. Wish me luck!
Well I hope we get something. That damned iPhone seems to have stopped everything else at Apple. There must be some mega-top-secret project going on in there… things seem too quiet, if you know what I mean.
We’ve seen no updates to these suites for over a year now, and yet Apple still uses them as a strong selling point for the Mac. Where are the updates?!
I’ve had mixed experiences. The beta installed and uninstalled fine on both my MacBook and my parents’ Windows XP machine. Font rendering looks great on the PC. Also, as previously noted by other users, the animations, such as the sheet for adding a bookmark, a running incredibly smoothly, unlike other experiences in iTunes with Cover Flow and the blessed Start Menu. Perhaps they ported over Core Image too? On OS X, it installed with out a hitch and was perfectly...
It appears that the font used to display menus in Safari, and all of the text on the Apple Start Page, Lucida Grande, has not been installed. It’s available to download here, this should work.
Are we to give this script any credence? Here it is copied and paste BTW:By the look of it, it could be genuine, but seems maybe a tad overloaded. Here’s a brief summary of all purported hardware/software updates: • iMac update • Leopard demo (but we know this will happen) • .Mac • iWork + iLife ’07 • iPhone accessories • iphone@home Let the over-the-top hyper-speculating begin... only nine and a half hours to go!
OK, I’m ordering a truckload of chill pills and rationing them out. Pronto.
New Posts  All Forums: