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LOL. I think they’ll be singed if they go anywhere near the sun. The real one, of course.
How are there like four threads on Happy Weed running simultaneously?
Arg! Stop with the incessant poll-taking!
You don’t want to know. It seems the RDF™ is at maximum power already.
God, I can imagine the poorly constructed headlines “Apple buys sun”.
It’s not the sun. It’s a galaxy. Spiral type Sa by the look of it. Sorry, I just had to.
It’s hardly the same as calling a newspaper a road. It’s more like calling a newspaper ‘the media’. A road is entirely different from a newspaper, whereas the web is a service available on the Internet; the web and Internet are much more related than a road and a newspaper. I agree, the terms should not be used synonymously, but the original comparison was a little naïve.
Meh, whatever floats ya boat. It is one butt-ugly SOB though. Waste of money IMHO.
I’m all for sharing… but I wouldn’t publicly broadcast that fact. Just sayin’.
9 days. 3 hours. Shouldn’t the Temporary Insanity forum have kicked in by now?! Aarrgh! The tension! There are insufficient punctuation marks and emoticons to express my current emotion!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: