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I think it’s rather befitting. Please, humour me with a new name. Time starts now…
Thanks, was just gonna pull him up for that.
OK... I thought the camera was in the middle. The diagram shows it on the left (facing) side.
Is it me, or has the camera moved in this design?
Yes! Yes! Yes! An Apple Store at Lakeside! Finally! I’m submitting my CV tonight!
Well, not from the Mac Business Unit, at least. Look what some crazed employees did in their spare time: http://blogs.msdn.com/macmojo/archiv...for-macbu.aspx
No! No! No! This can’t happen! Not never ever ever. Ever. BIG FAT BOO @ MICROSOFT!!!! I can just see where this would be headed. Microshite buys Yahoo!, all their services get integrated with the horrendously inoperable Microsoft services, MSFT stagnates (like it has been for the last few years). Never!!!!!!!!
Alas, if only that were true. \
I don’t think that that’s the actual reason. Although I do admit its possible considering Apple said so. LOL.
OK, after evaluating all of the ‘evidence’ that we have, I have come to my own conclusions about why Leopard has been delayed. It’s only a few months—so what? I strongly believe that the ‘Top Secret’ features that Steve told us about will be internally tested until WWDC—I don’t think this is the reason for the delay, and I think that any clues of these features will appear on forthcoming builds. We now know that it’s not delayed because of Vista Boot Camp support. We’ll...
New Posts  All Forums: