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Yes, as the article states.This seems to be an ‘enhanced’ version.
According to TUAW, the BBC has decided to make its iPlayer software available for Macs, allowing us UK users to download and catch-up on the TV shows of the last 7 days. This is quite a big deal, as they blamed DRM for not making the software cross-platform as it is required to do in its remit. So Channel 4, when will 4OD be available for Macs? And more importantly, does this mean we won’t get TV shows on the iTS in the UK?
I’ve translated the French bit as best I could, to look for new hidden features: “Test your knowledge in leisure with iQuiz, a fast-paced question-answer game for your iPod. Test your knowledge of the songs, artists and albums on your iPod and take up the cinema, music and television challenges. Create your own personalised Trivia Packs to share, and play with those created by other players. iTunes 7.1 or later required.” Is this an indication of network play with other...
Not that bad at all… all though you’re definitely right about the expense. Unless you want to live in fairly crap Greater London suburb, like I do.
What the hell. At least our country isn’t run by an escaped mental patient.
Yeah, I know, I typed that message whilst on my MacBook in the garden.
It is nice today, I agree. I think we should all spend some more time outside and less on our Macs. Unless of course, the weather where you are is miserable. If not, move yo’ ass!
Thank you. After all, don’t forget where the language is from. Now I’m bound to get flamed about the origin of the English language, so here goes:• Indo-European • Germanic • West Germanic • Anglo-Frisian • Anglic • Anglo-FrisianEnglish has a large amount of vocabulary from the Norman language, from when the Normans invaded England. This is where we get a lot of our more complex words from. Simpler words, such as ‘bread’ are derived from Old Norse,...
How about Bang & Olufsen?
Oh come on, does this really matter that much? Is it going to affect our daily lives? No. Three months will go quickly, compared to the three Vista years. That was worth the wait. I don’t think that this is that much of a deal. Plus now I can get a separate screen for my MacBook for my birthday instead of the obligatory OS X purchase which has haunted me over the last few years. Seriously everyone, take a chill pill.
New Posts  All Forums: