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Does anyone else find this a little unfair on Apple Corps? I mean, they’ve basically stolen their identity. Plus that guy left the company. It looks as if it’s been left in tatters.
You can buy this shit on Amazon?!
I’m pretty sure that it’s library or that it was specially commissioned.
Yeah, saw this a few days a go. Just think, if it wasn’t for the Apple-HP deal, then maybe that guy wouldn’t have bought an iPod, and then maybe he would have died. Praise Jesus!
So jealous, BTW.
It may be nice, but somewhat unoriginally named.
Mais oui, mon amis. Vous parlez français?
OK, if you could live anywhere in the world, apart from the place you live in now, where would you live? This is really random but these kind of conversations always come up with some interesting answers. Personally, I would love to live in Iceland. The country is beautiful, the language is beautiful, the culture—beautiful. Although I’m not sure I’d like the food (petrified whale shark, anyone?). Plus it’s a really small country with only 300,000 inhabitants. Of...
Well the Norwegians bloody well would support this, wouldn’t they? We all know that eventually the other record companies will follow suit—they’ll have to—in the mean time I think that we should support the Nords and say no to DRM! Any other Scandinavian countries willing to join in?
What would EMI have to do with The Beatles? As I understand it, aren’t they signed to Apple Records? I really hope that it’s DRM free music, but I hope more that it’s video in the UK. All eyes on the iTS!!!! It’s about time that we got some of what you Americans have been enjoying for ages.
New Posts  All Forums: