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He he, “what’s a quid?”. I forget that I’m speaking to Americans sometimes.
Goody! A 10 and 20 quid saving respectively. Where was this 6 months ago?
I entirely agree. People (and by people, I mean Joe Bloggs) do not even seem to notice that Macs don’t run Windows. Even if you put one in front of them. I let my friend have a go on my MacBook and it took him like ten minutes to ask ”where’s the Start button?”, and then about a further five minutes to work out for himself that there isn’t one.Apple should really start to show off OS X more and get the idea into consumer’s heads that OS X and Windows are different. And,...
There was just a review of this product in MacUser, they gave it 4 out of 5 mice. Apparently, the limitation with the sizing does exist. Good luck with your purchase.
You really don’t need to worry about this with OS X, it looks after itself and doesn’t slow down over time. Unlike our crappy family PC bought in 2001, running XP, slow as tar running down sandpaper. Also, like the other posters have said, OS X requires no serial number. It may be an idea to do a fresh install just to start fresh with your own stuff.
Perhaps they’re just trying to cover the cost of buying Macromedia. I hope that they will still have the education version.
Who friggin’ knows.
Yup, I’ve had the same problem since 7.0 too.
Yeah, I agree with PB. Take a look on eBay. Or Amazon. They have some second hand copies here.
LOL I didn’t mean to come across like that, I was just covering my arse.
New Posts  All Forums: