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I personally don’t mind the design. And no, I did NOT create the picture. I merely found it. I agree, the aspect ratio of the box is not 1:1, it’s a larger box like the old Tiger box. However, this could fit in line with Apple’s Pro products, look at the dark packaging, it’s uncharacteristic of consumer Apple software products as it is.
Well the closest thing we have now to typing on a flat surface is the Cellulon Laser Projection Keyboard. Anyone could go out and buy one of these and see if it’s any easier or more accurate to type with than a traditional keyboard.On this whole tactile feedback debate, I think that it is still necessary not because we would make lots of mistakes, but because our fingers would get tired. Try tapping your finger on the table for five minutes. It starts to get very tiresome...
No, humans can distinguish between more shades of green than any other colour. This is why red would receive the most compression, as we can distinguish between fewer shades of red than any other colour (when talking about the three basic additive colours: red, green and blue).Subpixel rendering is irrelevant to this topic.
Yeah, well look what I found:
The only things that Flip4Mac can’t handle are video and audio files which are protected by DRM.
This thread’s title has one too many tos.
Yeah, I’m with Fisha on this one. I like my tactile feedback. I should imagine it would be much harder to touch type on a flat surface than on a traditional keyboard, one’s figures could easily shift out of line with the keymap. If you live in the UK, you can get an idea of what I’m saying by going to any HMV store and trying to type on one of those touch-screen terminals which allows you to sample the music before you buy it. It’s absolute hell. However, I do find the...
LOL. I hope you mean Leopard.
The two dictionaries are separate. What sort of words are causing you problems? I don’t have problems with British English. If you are having problems, try going into System Preferences > International and make sure you’re on the Language tab. Press ‘Edit List…’ and scroll down to Australian English and tick the box. Press OK, and drag Australian English to the top of the list. This may work for some apps, apparently it works for British English. If not, just use British...
New Posts  All Forums: