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I love the way you make sweeping statements that are completely unsourced. Where exactly do you get your info? I mean, are we missing out on something?
I know! Movies in the UK! Yay!However, note how all these countries are English-speaking, I wonder if this same list appears if you switch iTunes to French, for example.
Well duh! How much is this guy getting paid?
Well it’s not like any of this matters anyway cause apparently Australia doesn’t exist. OK...
It's a common way to refer to Australia in the UK. Although I would have assumed the logical spelling to be Aus (pronounced 'ozz'), following Aussie (pronounced 'ozz-EE'). Who knows?
Microsoft made IE for Mac. Made IE for Mac. Piece of shit it was, too.
OK, OK, let’s everyone calm down now. It’s not wrong to want what you guys have, and I realise that: (a) it's not a priority for Apple; (b) I understand the bureaucracy and paperwork, etc. involved; (c) I still want an iPhone; (d) and I want one now. OK? OK.
Well despite what people say, I am not oblivious to the pains of selling internationally. Why can't Apple just set up a plc in the UK to handle these sorts of operations? (I know I'm biased towards the UK). How comes other international companies can do things at the same time all over the world? How comes companies based in the UK can do it? Apple could set up a separate entity over here to handle distribution, legalities, etc. Although it might not eliminate the wait,...
The point is, Apple could go international at the same time if it wanted to. There are legislations, etc. the the US, I mean look at the FCC approval for the iPhone. Apple could get all of the bureaucracy out of the way beforehand if it wanted to—these processes don’t take that long. We had to wait a year and a bit for the iTunes Store here in the UK—a similar wait will probably be in place for movies and TV shows. We already have to wait 6 months longer for the...
So to sound like a total dufus, but what’s a bus boy? I don’t know if we have those in the UK.
New Posts  All Forums: