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Nice price for the steel version. And the gold version is just priced right to skim all those super rich and kill the pimping aftermarket.
Maybe the event will follow the 2007 iPhone unveiling: that started off with giving more details on the already announced Apple TV in the fall of 2006 and then following up with the big iPhone announcement nobody expected!!!
These Numbers See impressive considering the massive year over year growth in installed iPhone base in those cities.
Give up the Wedding Ring ;-)
Its a great Concept But all Family members have to be in the same country. They need to work on multiple country support. For ex pats this is a hassle.
23 Megapixel ??? That is huge. What dpi is that at 27". I think they will go with 30"
$50 is not A blowout if you use it often. But if like me you need it just for one windows app I think it is. And also it's not the money it's the time it takes me to find out that I need the next version, order it, download it, install it and might have to configure something. I expect all my apps to continue working when I upgrade the OS. It's called backwards compatibility. And in this case apple does everything to make the OS backwards compatible while parallels uses...
The final version that might be compatible usually comes out months after Mac OS X ships. And of course I need to use that one windows app right after I upgrade my Mac. Happened multiple times.
Parallels is the biggest RIP off. Every Year when Apple brings out a free OS upgrade, parallels stops working and suggests buying the latest version for $50. Would be nice if one could keep using a piece of software for more than a year.
It wouldn't have gotten approved anyway
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