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I think this is a part of a much broader Siri enhancement. Apps will get an API to plug in to Siri and be voice enabled: e.g. Asking Siri to check the best price for an airline ticket will pull up the answer from eg kayak app or expedia.
" regulators looked at antitrust concerns, pubic interest, wireless spectrum analysis and other facets of the deal" The pubic interest???
Would be interesting to calculate who actually buys more battery cells? Apple with its millions of devices and small batteries or tesla with it's thousands of cars and big batteries.
My Prediction: They are going to keep the the 5C and lower its price. THey are also going to keep 326PPI (due to interface issues and App requirements) and the Aspect Ratio of 1.78. That leads me to believe the logical next step is 4.8inches at 1366*768 with one more row and column of icons on the home screen. Such a screen would be 59.8mm wide, just 1mm wider thant the current iPhone 5 enclosure width. So if they thin the bezel, the whole phone only needs to get a tiny...
I bet they will stick to the current iPhone ppi and just add another row and column of icons I don't do the math but it will be something along 1280x720 at 326ppi and whatever screen size that will equal.
I like the idea because i assume that the DOJ and FCC will block the deal and Sprint has to pay T-Mobile $1billion break up fee and some frequencies. They seem to have too much of both.
Its institutional Investors that listen to analysts and buy the stock on their recommendations and this is pushing up the Price.
If those analysts hadn't pulled those estimates out of their asses the stock would not have gained much in the first place!
The Apple quarter will go through Sep 28th. So there will be more than One Full week of iPhone sales. A total of 9 days. If they sold 9 million in three days, that what are your guesses for 9 days? Is apple even going to disclose this?
T-Mobile customers where able to receive these alerts since April! I can get a little annoying when you receive an AMBER alert at 4 o'clock in the morning from somewhere a couple of hundred miles away. I turned amber off but the other ones could be useful. Especially if you live near a vulcano and earthquake area.
New Posts  All Forums: