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So Maybe there will be two iphone 6 4.7. One iPhone Air with The usual Sapphire Glass and a iPhone Pro with Sapphire glass and some other nice features. 😳
Maybe it's because nobody wants an iPhone anymore. They rather steal androids. Because they are so much better :-)
You have to account for all those stock buys backs and those new stock awarded to the execs.
I think most investors should have a fixed dollar amount In their head that they want to invest. Say $5k and then they just see how many shares that will get them. If the price rises they will just buy fewer and if it falls they buy more.It's like I don't mind if gas prices go up or down. I always fill for $50;-)
People Who are influenced by the number of shares they hold should never buy any shares! What about warren buffets Berkshire shares. Are they at $100.000 now a piece?
The important question is how many subscribers do these new carriers have? If it's just Tuvalu wireless and other small number 4 operators in medium sized countries it doesn't mean anything.
The Main reason for the 4S continued popularity is it's the only iPhone left with a dock connector. So if you are heavily invested in dock accessories (car, stereo, work etc.) you'll buy the 4S in order to avoid lightning adapters everywhere.
I think you missing metro pcs customer numbers by an order of magnitude!
Looks like the Analyst didn't realize that under a contact there is No 10% Sales tax on the full retail price (650$) but just on the downpayment of ($199). Thus he is overestimating the TCO of the 2y contract by $45
I think this is a part of a much broader Siri enhancement. Apps will get an API to plug in to Siri and be voice enabled: e.g. Asking Siri to check the best price for an airline ticket will pull up the answer from eg kayak app or expedia.
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