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True and if you automatically have emails from parallels forwarded to spam they will make sure you get the message by popping up splash screens when you fire up parallels.
Another rip Off from parallels. While every new OS from apple and now even Microsoft is free, parallels charges 50 for it. Every year. And at least every other year one has to shell out This to ensure compatibility with newer os. Imagine office 2013 wouldn't work on Windows 10! And one would have to buy a new Office for the "free" is upgrade.
To put that number into perspective: That's like just creating a Fortune 500 company.
Best thing about the pop is 8 months (that's not hours, days or weeks) of battery power. And then just simply swap a standard watch battery that cost $1
Make it als thick as the camera lens and use the extra Volume for battery capacity
Ok. So how do I trim my third party ssd in my MacBook Pro 2008?
I just ordere a Sport Space grey which was quoted 1-2 weeks delivery and got shipped the next day and arrived on 2nd day after ordering! Finally supply demand balance? Did they push supply or did demand dry off?
What was the quickest Refresh cycle with apple notebooks? Not under 6 months. So I don't see new MBP or iMacs this year anymore. :-(
How much battery power could be fit inside of a strap? Looking at the actual battery from an apple watch tear down pictures I would assume one can easily fit a couple of days worth in it. Ideally the watch would come with two battery straps. One is always at home charging and if your watch is nearly drained you just swap the bands. And for weekend trips one would always bring the second strap.
The Edition were for july from the start. Apple is making some serious money. I bet the watch business is a Fortune 500 company by the end of the first year.
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