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  Don't install the carrier update if you want to tether.
  I think the original poster is referring to the "Spring release of new iPhone" rumors being the grain of truth for the T-Mobile modded iPhone and all the redesign rumors added to that rumor are fiction.
  Apple employees will be in the new building.
  I guess you missed all the articles quoting the T-Mobile CEO a while back stating that they gain 100,000 iPhone users on their network PER MONTH.   And T-Mobile doesn't even offer an iPhone yet.   That's a lot of people bringing unlocked iPhones to T-Mobile already.
  This is a new product and very news worthy.   Especially for those of us who use our iPhones for long periods away from available power sources.
  Apple didn't drop their prices.   AI's bait and switch advertising apparently worked on you.
  THIS security problem is in Java 7.   Last year there was a similar security with Java 6.   And other security issues in versions past.......
It would be nice if Apple put out an update for older OS'es that would make it easy for novice users to completely remove Java from their Macs. (Not to be confused with the Apple update that disabled the Safari Java plugin.) While Lion and Mountain Lion don't contain Java, the OS Software Update automatically offers to install Java for the user when a Java app attempts to launch. There really needs to be a user setting to block that.
  The purpose of bundles is for a retailer to get rid of excess product inventory.
At -16.6 and -33.9, Dell and Toshiba are getting spanked.   I'm not a Windows guru, but I wonder why the sales decline is hitting them so hard?
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