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Absolutely! Why would anyone pay so much for something used so infrequently?
Given the 35W of the 2.8 GHz processor vs the 25W of the slower ones, is it reasonable to expect that the battery life of the 2.8 GHz will be substantially (40%) less?
Apple seems to have made a major improvement to syncing with Mobile Me over the weekend. iCal appears to sync 10X faster now.
No you haven't. see 1984
Buy a D300 and get Capture NX free...which works fine with Leopard.
The article was probably written by Dvorak...
So, is he circumcised?
Look at the computers Apple makes that use aluminum for the cases--100% recyclable. And, guess who is sponsoring our e-waste day this month--Greenpeace? Ha! Guess again... To All Members of the UH Community: This is a final notice that UH's eWaste disposal program has kicked off and will be taking place through Saturday, October 28. This is a one-time chance for you to take advantage of a free opportunity to dispose of qualifying electronic equipment that is broken or...
Favorite apple name for Windows emulation? How about Road Apple?
I went into the Apple store on Saturday only because I happened to be nearby...Of COURSE they wouldn't have any to sell, but I just wanted to see one. To my surprise, and probably to many others as well, they DID have stock (not the black 4GB). This probably kept the initial demand down. I lusted after the 4GB white one but changed my mind when I asked myself "Why do I need ANOTHER iPod". The market may be saturated for the time being. Some may also want to take...
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