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Just got a new iMac and Garageband doesn't recognize my jam packs. It recognizes that various instruments were used in my projects, but it doesn't access them.   I remember having this problem before, but that was almost 6 years ago and I can't recall for the life of me what the solution was - if I reinstall, and if I do, how do I get rid of the instruments that are already there, but not being recognized..... or maybe there is a simpler solution.
  No kidding! It finally finished sometime around 5am this morning - so somewhere around 31 hours!! I had heard migration assistant was bad when it first came out, but I made the obviously erroneous assumption that Apple had improved it.   It's definitely going to take a little time to get used to the size of this screen! It's damn impressive.
Well my iMac arrived yesterday. I put migration assistant to work around 10:30 last night.  When I went to bed at 11, it said it 24 (!) hours of work to do (this is to transfer roughly 90 GB of information). When I woke up at 7, it was probably 35-40% done and said there were 14 hours to go.  Then when I looked again before hoping in the shower it said 39 hours (!!). When I got out of the shower, it said 31, and when I left for work at 8, it said 34.   So I guess...
Thanks for the suggestions, Marvin.   Bergermeister, you made me remember I have Civ IV! I stowed it away because I spent to much time on it. Old or not, I'm sure it will look great on my new iMac.   I really had no good reason to get the 680MX other than I got a bonus at work and decided what the hell.   I've been cleaning up the files on my summer 2007 MBP. The iMac should be arriving Wednesday.
I haven't done any gaming in a number of years, but I have an iMac with the 680MX arriving on Wednesday, so I thought I'd put it to good use.   I'm planning on Portal 2 (Portal was basically the last game I played), Starcraft II, and League of Legends (one of my closest friends from college is the head of marketing for Riot Games).   Any other suggestions?
My order has shipped and should be ready for me to pick up at the Apple Store next Wednesday!
I ordered an iMac last night. 27" with 1TB fusion and the 680MX. Shipping in 5-7 business days.
  Yes, yes they are! I only browsed maybe the first half-dozen, but pretty funny to not be able to find an actual positive review.
I read the launch has been a pretty big disaster as the "always on" internet connection requirement, even for single player games, has resulted in people being unable to play or losing game progress because of server outages on EA's end.
I've said it many times in this forum: the chin looks good.
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