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The day after Thanksgiving and I STILL cannot order an iMac.  This is driving me f'n nuts.
It's driving me crazy.  I'm trying to decide between the 21.5" and the 27" and I'd at least like to be able to configure options on them.  You can't even do that.
  In an enormously shocking turn of events, Dick Morris was incredibly wrong.
  Nah, if Romney wins, it will be just as with George W. Republicans will instantly stop caring about the debt, while insisting that they do care. Tax cuts that will supposedly mythically increase revenues will be jammed through, and the debt will grow, grow, grow. 
This was exactly what I was hoping for!   I'm looking forward to ordering a 21.5" with the 1 TB fusion drive.
  I'm not saying you're wrong, but that solitary quote is pretty thin.  Sometimes people speak/write inarticulately.  That could just as easily mean "something really great for later.  Next year." with "later" meaning "next year" either early or late.
I've said it many times over the years and I'll say it again: I love the chin, and I hope it never goes away.
You regard that as cool?  Super warm for me at this time of year.  In celsius terms, I keep it at 23.33 in the summer, and in the winter 20 during the day and 17.8 at night.
I do hope the updates are soon.   I'm in the market, but I'm not going to buy a machine that's 522 days old.  The high end 21.5" is my target, and I would like to see 8Gb ram and a 1Gb graphics processor.
The guy predicted Romney would have an awesome convention, get a big bump, and be up by 5 or 6. He was spectacularly wrong.The guy predicted Obama's convention would fizzle, and that he would see no bump. He was spectacularly wrong.He is now trying to justify his spectacularly wrong predictions.
New Posts  All Forums: