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Well, certainly they're not going to have it hooked up to electronic medical records. That's just a shit-storm.
Why? It was a major operation, and she directly defied orders. It makes perfect sense that she would be dealt with severely, especially given the fact that the ex-marine (whatever the heck his name was) had emasculated the ostensible leader and had complete control of the operation. No apparent punishment, and allowing access to sympathizers with whom she was known to be friendly is what makes no sense.I mean, she still apparently had easy access to flight equipment! ...
I wouldn't be at all surprised if they had third party SW to show off at the event specifically aimed at health care (or med students). They did for the app store launch.
That whole article is bizarre.We all have extremely little idea of what this product will do, or cost, but yet before anyone even knows what it is, the author is dismissing it a "superfluous technology?" I mean, who knows, it may very well be entirely useless for businesses, but it seems like a ridiculous jumping of ye olde gun.
So what if it wasn't military? How is that at all relevant? They imprisoned the other native sympathizers, and she clearly was one of them. Again, she deserted in battle, and apparently suffers no consequences!
"Pad" is almost never used to refer to a place of residence anymore. This is not the 70's. No one asks if someone is coming back to their "pad" anymore. The only time I ever hear the word pad used in that sense is someone joking around, intentionally trying to sound skeezy.As far as paper goes, people say "hand me that pad of paper" not "hand me that pad" precisely because "hand me that pad" will illicit confused looks as the first thing that will go through someone's...
I want to know why Trudy, DESERTER DURING BATTLE, was not also imprisoned? That made no fucking sense! Plot holes usually don't bother me, but it was just so glaring.....
a is a 13.9 inch screen, something I have not seen speculated anywhere. That thing would be freaking enormous! b of course is a 10.1 inch screen, which seems to be the dominate speculation.
Seriously. I mean, the PO material alone
Well, my reaction is you like to tell everyone how smart you think you are, and it's mildly annoying.
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