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so you predicted 10 to 11 inches and aluminum. Are we supposed to be wowed by your prognostic capabilities or something?
Frankly,I think you're full of crap. Many, many, many people had perfectly legal music collections of that size at that time. I was in college from 1996-2000. When I graduated, I had a little over 100 CDs, and that was probably about average (or maybe slightly below average) compared to my classmates.There would have been a very ready market for iPods even without piracy (although I'm sure piracy helped out). Born out of piracy, though, I think is an exaggeration.
I do believe that that is what she said.
I hardly think he was positing voice input would be required. Merely an alternative.
So what, $20 extra over the typical cost for a laptop battery for a battery you have to replace less often, and provides significantly better battery life? The horror!
So what, the lesson is that if something's a long shot, best not to even try? What an awesome lesson.
Karl Rove and Neil Cavuto to the rescue.http://thinkprogress.org/2009/09/09/...joint-address/Although I can't say I really give a shit.
Great post, Vinea.
Well, we're officially going around in a circle, and I'm tired of having arguments and motivations repeatedly assigned to me which I have repeatedly and clearly stated are not the case. My point has been made, and I'm quite confident it's been made well.
See, now that implies that I really am using someone's religion as a litmus test. I am not. I have said this repeatedly, yet there continues to be the implication that this is my desire. I would appreciate it if you would stop implying that I would.OK, i'm going to quote myself again: I would like to know howdeals with the lowest person on the ladder. Indeed, here we have someone who is undoubtedly a member of a team. I have made examples from low-level (janitor)...
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