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  He's so spectacularly wrong so often, he has an award named after him.
  But Dick Morris said all the undecided would break to Romney, and Dick Morris is NEVER EVER WRONG EVER.
I'm planning on getting the updated iMac for the same reasons.  Really looking forward to it too!  I'm not concerned about a retina display.  I'm planning on getting the high end 21.5 inch.  I hope this new generation gives us no optical drive and an affordable HD plus SSD option.
Quote: Originally Posted by jragosta  Not always. Apple has managed to get appeals heard and decided in several months in this trial.   Those are interlocutory appeals, which are a different animal and heard far more rapidly.     Any injunctions that now may be ordered will have a rapid appeal process as well.  But the appeal of the actual jury verdict and various other decisions by the judge at trial will take, at minimum, a year.  Federal courts are not...
I'm sure there are still years left to go.  Even in a simple case, an appeal takes at least a year.
Really? The most likely explanation? The most likely explanation couldn't possibly be that it's a simple reference to multi-touch??
Where in the world are you getting the notion that still shots are a "fundamental feature"?For example, at http://www.apple.com/ipad/the splash page page touts "Thinner, lighter, faster, facetime, smart covers, 10 hour battery"I would submit these are the "fundamental features" as they are the ones apple chooses to tout. Notably absent is "still shots"Really, the only mention of still shots is "snapshots" and the photo-booth application, i.e. silly shots that no one gives...
+++ You made the same points I was going for earlier, but far more eloquently!
The sample size actually isn't anywhere close to the largest issue (although certainly it is not great and would yield pretty large confidence intervals). The proper sample size actually has absolutely nothing to do with the size of the total population you're measuring. For instance, national polls for presidential election are routinely only a couple thousand people. This is a MUCH smaller percentage of likely voters than .9%. The main issue is whether this is a...
Does anyone happen to know is iOS 5 has improved native printing support to include printers outside the extremely limited number of HP "airprint" ready printers?
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