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I don't think that's the case. The language is "purchased" which is distinctly different from ordered. If it hasn't been shipped, then shompa probably hasn't been charged yet, which means he can still cancel the order, which I would argue means he has not "purchased" anything as of yet.
And that's where you're wrong. In fact, you totally can. A judge would probably allow permissive intervention under rule 24 (b)(1)(B). I don't know any of the specifics, so I wouldn't hazard to know, but Apple might even have an argument to intervene as of right under 24 (a)(2).
Holy crap. That honeycomb screenshot is all you need to know. What a jumbled clusterfuck.
You are incorrect. You can still get the wired keyboard.
This should help give you an idea. Welcome to the board!
And you don't have to completely lack a sense of humor. But we all have our shortcomings!
It's in my pocket. Reach down deep in there and get it.
I agree.
No, I'm saying you are incorrect, and you DON'T currently get an i7 quad for $1999. It is an i5. You have to shell out another $200 for the i7 RIGHT NOW.For your edification:
I'm not saying the specs are correct, but the current $1999 model iMac has an i5, not an i7. The i7 is a BTO option for an extra $200.
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