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Holy crap that is creepy. And WHY, WHY I say would Samsung think it was a good idea to prominently display their shitty, shitty, MP3 player from a decade ago as apparently some sort of "look how awesome we were 10 years ago, think about how awesome we are NOW" sort of argument?
I'm sorry to tell you, but they BOTH do.
Ummm, that's a peripheral, not a gadget.
But Apple are specifically doing theatrics next week, so obviously they are still down for theatrics. I think you were hoping rather than thinking logically.
But did you really expect a redesign without a press conference? That's where all the speculation of no more optical drives and such made no sense to me. If there had been a major redesign, Apple would have had the requisite dog and pony show.
http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ It all depends on how badly you need/want one now.
I didn't like Palin's map, which was clearly gun sights, with the congressman already saying they were retiring noted in blood red, but..... that is most certainly free speech, and is most certainly protected from government suppression. It doesn't come anywhere close to meeting the legal definition of incitement.
I need to read that book again; it's been a few years. I probably read it twenty times between the ages of 13 and 20.
I had major batter life problems on my 2nd Gen touch with 4.0, but they got significantly better with 4.1
Ahhh, found the ad: http://www.youtube.com/user/sonyelec...y%20commercial OK, the remote isn't as big as I thought, but it's still ugly, incredibly awkward looking, and has a million buttons (I assume a lot of it is a keyboard). I mean, really??? THIS is going to be successful?
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